Emily Ratajkowski has shown without cutting the reality of childbirth

Emily Ratajkowski showed without cutting the reality of childbirth

Did you think celebrities always try to show a friendly face of childbirth, postpartum and motherhood? Emily Ratajkowski has arrived to break taboos. Four photos have been used to demonstrate that they are human.

It’s true that social media tends to show only the good side of any situation, including pregnancy, childbirth, and motherhood. Often many users complain that celebrities appear with a very good figure after childbirth, with a radiant face a few hours after childbirth or with incredible energy in the last part of pregnancy. So they, the famous mothers, are more and more aware of this vision and strive daily to show their most human face.

Just a few weeks ago, we told you about the case of Lea Michelle, who took her hair loss after giving birth with humor. Or Chrissy Teigen who didn’t hesitate to speak openly about how her miscarriage affected her.

Now we want to talk about Emily Ratajkowski, a model who has often been criticized for her physical appearance: too thin and unreal for some users of her social media profiles. But we’re not here to talk about it.

Just a few weeks ago, she announced that she had given birth to her first child following her relationship with producer Sebastian Bear-McClard. To announce it, she shared on Instagram a photo taken by her husband on which we see the model giving birth to her little one while he is still in the hospital.

Now, still recovering from the puerperium, she has decided to release several analog photographs that show the less friendly face of childbirth; among other things, just at the moment of pushing into the expellent. Some images also taken by her husband to which she accompanied the following text: “between pushes / first moments with Sly. Life!”. In addition to the push photo, the model can be seen receiving oxygen, seconds after hugging her son for the first time or receiving a hug from her hubby.

Some photographs that show, without any type of filter, the pain of childbirth. A few shots that many followers identified with and for which Emily received a lot of applause on Instagram.

The model’s body after childbirth

Although the images of the moment of childbirth have been the most commented, Ratajowski also wanted to share with his followers how his body was after giving birth (the truth is that during the nine months of gestation he did not skimp in the photos showing her little belly) and the result has indeed surprised more than one: as shown by a short video that went back to the stories in which we see her in front of the mirror, eleven days after having given birth to her belly at the looks completely flat. We know that every woman and every body is different, so every genetic will cause the body to change in one way or another (and that’s fine).

A genderless child

The model and producer’s baby gave plenty to talk about before it was even born. And it is that his parents surprised the world by declaring that they were expecting his first child and that they would not assign him any sex: they would let him decide when he reached the age of 18. Statements that have earned them many compliments, but also many criticisms.

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