Elizabeth Hurley reveals her bikini body secrets, says excess plastic surgery ‘is not my cup of tea’

At 56, Elizabeth Hurley feels younger than ever.

The British actress and model, who went viral for her sizzling bikini photos, has revealed her secrets to staying in shape.

“I haven’t eaten processed food in 100 years,” the star told Britain’s Sunday Times. “I don’t eat sweets. I drink little alcohol. I don’t smoke but I deeply regret having done it once. I learned to eat lighter and not so late.

“I think one of the most transformative things I’ve done is make 50% of what I eat plant matter,” Hurley continued. “If you have a slice of toast for breakfast, have an apple too. Counter everything with vegetables.

But the star has a weakness: peanut butter.

“I got a spoon, then another, and I emptied the jar before you knew it,” admitted Hurley.

Hurley also enjoys an occasional piece of nicotine gum.

“I quit smoking 10 years ago,” she said. “But I can’t give up the Nicorette.”

And when it comes to going under the knife, Hurley said she’s not a fan of excessive plastic surgery.

“No! I don’t think it makes you look younger, I think it just makes you feel like you have filler,” she said. tea.”

Hurley also noted that your mindset is just as important.

“I’m more immature right now – my son is more mature than me,” she said. “I used to be an adult but I lost it.”

Hurley launched a London-based swimwear line named Elizabeth Hurley Beach in 2005.

“I decided to venture into beachwear not only because I’ve always been obsessed with vacation wear, but also because it’s an area where women, regardless of shape or size, can either look great or be really wrong. I wanted to develop resort collections, which allow women at any age to feel fabulous,” she announced on the company’s website.

In May 2017, the star told Closer Weekly that being a mom inspired her to launch the brand. Previously, she took a break from Hollywood to focus on motherhood, but found herself wanting to do something new professionally.

“Caring for my son became my number one job, and it was a joy to have someone else to focus on,” Hurley told the magazine. “I was 36 and cared about myself for quite a long time. I quit doing movies and TV for the first eight years of his life, and I don’t regret it for a moment. I always put first.

When launching her swimwear collection, Hurley added, “It allowed me to be more flexible with my time and work when Damian was in school.”

Still, Hurley insisted she was looking forward to new challenges as her son grew.

“I love my life,” she said. “I like change and I like new experiences.”

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