Egreta Stone Wiki/Bio, Age, Boyfriend, Family, Work, Career, Photos

Egreta Stone Wiki/Bio, Age, Boyfriend, Family, Work, Career, Photos

Stone of Egreta, (born June 28, 1995) known professionally as FineAzzGigi is an American recording artist from Las Vegas, Nevada. Egreta’s upbringing offered no silver spoons, as she was brought up in an environment with great tribulation due to family issues. Although Egreta was raised in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, she moved from state to state during the majority of her childhood. The circumstances of her family led her to become the mother figure of her three siblings – a situation that forced her to take on great responsibilities and grow rapidly.

Fast facts

Last name

Stone of Egreta

Born June 28, 1995
Age 25 years
Place of birth Vegas, Nevada.
Known as FineAzzGigi
Occupation Recording artist


Navigating through high school was tough with one parent absent and one parent on drugs. Living in a broken environment caused Egreta to miss most of her senior year. Eager to break down barriers and become a positive example for her siblings, Egreta decided to pursue her BSN in Nursing! Upon graduation, she packed her bags and moved to Atlanta, Georgia to start a new life in her nursing career! In the same year, Egreta crossed the stage, she began to make music. She quietly exercised her pen and began to test her ability to write songs. Her then boyfriend, who was careful about her undercover talent, always pushed her and put her on the spot to test her skills as an MC. His actions gave him the confidence to start rapping out loud and taking himself seriously.

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First studio session

After two years of writing and working on her sound, she had her first studio session! Egreta recorded a song that was never to be released, but it was the stamp of approval she needed, not for the world yet, but for herself; that she had what it takes to make music professionally.


Inspired by Mulatto among other big names such as Nicki Minaj and Cardi B, Egreta, aka FineAzzGiGi, developed a rap style of a true lyricist. Her life experience references its meaningful content – and she delivers it in an impressive way. Considered a beautiful and spacious woman, FineAzzGiGi is adamant about not letting her appearance define her. She plans to bring out the best of herself as an artist, through style, choreography and overall presentation.Egreta Stone Wiki/Bio, Age, Boyfriend, Family, Work, Career, Photos - 1599450142 133 Egreta Stone WikiBio Age Boyfriend Family Work Career Photos

First single

EndAzzGiGi launches their first official single on September 25, 2020! The song called “Like Me” embodies what it means to be an independent woman walking with confidence! The motivation behind the song came from lessons learned during a recent breakup. The lyrics negate the need to rely on anyone and encourage everyone to eliminate any sense of self-doubt!

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Her goals

The depth of FineAzzGiGi’s pain will surely determine the height of his success, as his fierce necessity turns heads and his willpower is unstoppable! Her goal is to continue her education and become a nurse practitioner while climbing the ranks and becoming current! She plans to open her own female record label in the future. FineAzzGiGi represents the empowerment, resilience and daring of women. She’s on the radar of emerging artists.

Did you know…

  • She intends to bring out the best of herself as an artist, through style.
  • Her boyfriend’s actions gave her the confidence to start rapping out loud


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