Duke Hugh Withdraws Sussex Invite as Meghan Markle’s Request to Bring Paparazzi to His Wedding Raises Red Flags

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are making headlines once again, this time for allegedly being snubbed at an invitation to a high-society wedding, none other than that of Prince Archie Mountbatten’s grandfather, Duke Grosner. Firstly, early reports suggest that the Duke of Westminster, seventh in line for the prestigious title, will marry Olivia Henson in a grand affair at Chester Cathedral on June 7, 2024. Although Prince Archie’s godfather and Harry’s long-time friend, it seems unlikely that the Sussexes would have been on the guest list.

But before jumping to conclusions, Harry and Meghan were quick to respond to these claims, arguing that they themselves had declined the invitation. A source close to the couple revealed that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were initially reserved, but decided it would be too awkward to attend. According to Page Six, Prince Harry personally called Hugh Grosner to explain why they wouldn’t be celebrating his big day. This is where the drama escalates even more. The insider revealed that Harry actually received the booking card in advance, but called Hug.

h Grosner to express concerns about potential embarrassment related to Meghan’s presence. He apologized and Hugh felt uncomfortable – to put it mildly. It seems Harry and Meghan have mastered the art of avoiding meetings with the royal family. The intrigue thickened when Buckingham Palace and representatives of the Duke of Westminster kept silent about the wedding guest list. However, a friend of Prince Harry and William spoke to the Sunday Times and shed some light on the situation.

The friend insisted the Duke of Westminster wanted to avoid overshadowing the day, particularly for his daughter-in-law. They mentioned that he was one of William and Harry’s very close friends and that they had a strong relationship and line of communication. It made them both even more attractive.

The friend expressed a wish that the brothers would reconcile but admitted it was unlikely to happen before the wedding. He wished they could get along and work things out, but he realized that probably wouldn’t happen until after the wedding.

The billionaire Duke of Westminster officially announced his engagement to Olivia Henson in June this year, proposing at the family’s stunning Eaton Hall in Cheshire. The couple’s choice of Chester Cathedral as their wedding venue was due to its beauty and its long association with the Grosvenor family.

In short, the royal family drama continues, with Harry and Meghan adding a new chapter to the royal gathering saga. Whether they were snubbed or gracefully turned down, the Duke of Westminster’s wedding certainly took center stage for another episode of the Sussex soap opera.


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