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Dr. Thomas Hicks Biography

Dr. Thomas Hicks He was a Georgian doctor accused of prosecuting illegal abortions and selling hundreds of babies in illegal adoptions. Hicks used his own "Hicks Community Clinic" to proceed with such illegal activities without even spending his days behind bars until he died at the age of 83. The true story of the scandal of devastating illegal activities appears in TLC's Taken At Birth.

Why was Dr. Thomas Hicks known?

  • Hicks was known primarily for performing abortions and illegal adoptions in secret and security.

When was Dr. Thomas Hicks born?

Dr. Thomas Hicks was born on October 18, 1888 in McCaysville, Georgia, United States. His birth name was Dr. Thomas J. Hicks. His nationality was American. Hicks belonged to the white ethnic group, while Libra was his zodiac sign.

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Dr. Thomas Hicks sold babies: illegal adoption and illegal abortions!

The renowned and beloved deceased doctor of the time, Dr. Thomas Hicks had got his hands dirty by getting involved in the devastating abortions and illegal adoptions. Hicks even began announcing illegal abortion and adoption in telephone booths, bus stations and bridges.

He even persuaded some of the women to abort in order to carry their pregnancies to term and lied to their patients that their baby had died.

Hicks was undoubtedly a secret illegal criminal who sold hundreds of innocent babies to adoptive parents charging a large amount at that time. Hicks kept his activity a secret by creating fake birth certificates that listed adoptive parents as their biological parents.

Hicks' baby sale continued for long years until 1964, when his medical license was banned after he was caught. However, he did not face any time in jail.

The incident broke down in 1997 after several "Hicks Babies" began revealing their secret, after which Jane Blasio, one of the adopted girls who began investigating her biological parents. TLC examined Blaiso's search for his effort to unite others like her whom he collectively called "Hicks Babies" and broadcast the episode called "TLC ' s Taken At Birth" on television on Wednesday, October 9, 2019.

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Was Dr. Thomas Hicks married?

Dr. Thomas Hicks was a married man. Hicks was married to his wife, who was a Baptist Sunday school teacher. The couple had two children: a son and a daughter. Although Hicks, his wife and son are dead, their daughter is still alive.

Thomas Hicks died at the age of 83 in 1972 in his hometown of Georgia.

What did Dr. Thomas Hicks look like?

The late doctor, Hicks was a handsome man but with a dark heart that was serving all his life just for money. Hicks had a clear complexion with small brown eyes and a broad face.

How much did Dr. Thomas Hicks earn?

Georgia's late doctor, Dr. Thomas Hicks, had a great gain considering his career as a successful doctor and also through his illegal activities. In the 1950s and 1960s, Hicks earned a good income through his clinic, "Hicks Community Clinic," where he secretly sold hundreds of babies illegally as $ 1000 for a child to adoptive parents.

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Well, at that time, the $ 1000 matters a lot, since it was a large amount to pay, and the sale of around 200 babies ended up pocketing more than $ 2 million. With all those amounts in millions of dollars, Hicks lived a luxurious lifestyle, no doubt.

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