Did Christian Bach die of cancer? Health and illness before death

Christian Bach cancer news was trending on social media as many believed she died of cancer and had an illness before her death.

Adela Christian Bach Bottino, often Christian Bach, was a Mexican actress and producer of telenovelas for Televisa, TV Azteca, and Telemundo.

Her best known telenovelas on Televisa are Los ricos también lloran, Soledad, Bodas de odio, De pura sangre and Encadenados. Her most notable works for TV Azteca include Agua y aceite, which she also produced with her husband, Humberto Zorita, and Vidas robadas. Her works for Telemundo include La Patrona and La Impostura.

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She released an album as a solo performer in the 80s, but the audience did not receive the disc well. Bach received the TVyNovelas Best Actress Award in 1984 and 1989. In 2013, she was also awarded TuMundo’s Best Actress title.

Did Christian Bach die of cancer? Health and illness before death

According to Quinn, reports began to surface in February 2017, two years before Christian Bach’s death, that the Argentinian actress was suffering from an irreversible, degenerative bone disease. As a result, she had to leave theater and television, where she was also a producer.

Since neither her husband, actor Humberto Zorita, nor her sons Sebastian and Emiliano confirmed the story, no specific details were given when the actress’ death was revealed.

Christian Bach died at the age of 59 (source: YouTube)

She died as a result of asphyxiation; It was discovered later. Christian asked her husband not to tell anyone about the disease that ended her life.

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According to Quinn, Humberto Zurita explained in the same interview that when his wife Christian Bach was diagnosed with the condition that would take her life, it embarrassed her significantly. He vowed that neither he nor his children would discuss this sensitive matter. What he did say surprised me.

“It’s something she determined, something she did in her life, and she kept it, and we kept it, and it will always be like that.”

We stated what we had to say and informed the public and her followers that she was dead, but it should not be made into a circus, and we never wanted to, not even once. “There are many secrets that a person brings to the grave,” noted Humberto Zurita.

Who was Christian Bach’s husband? Meet Humberto Zorita

Bach married Humberto Zorita, a Mexican actor, director and producer. They were the parents of two sons. She met her partner while co-starring in the movie “De pura sangre” in 1986, and they married later that year.

In 1996, the two founded ZUBA, producing the telenovelas “La Chacala” and “Azul Tequila”. Bach and her husband, Humberto Zorita, have two children, Sebastian Zorita and Emiliano Zorita.

Christian Bach
Christian Bach’s husband Humberto Zorita (source: Hello)

The actor and producer went on to say that he misses her more and more every day after the death of Christian Bach. She was the lady who inspired him, kept him grounded and gave him his two children, who showed him that life is nothing without love.

Zurita said that it was difficult to live without her and that as much as he tried not to be absorbed in himself and worry about his wife’s absence, it was impossible, and he cried that he and she were “everything in life”.

In the end, Humberto characterized his wife as a kind, giving and loving lady, who was also an excellent and strong mother to his children. Emiliano and Sebastian, both were always very proud.

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