Chloe Bennet Says There’s More Footage Of Her N-ked Scene For Agents Of SHIELD Premiere

It didn’t take long for Ghost Rider to encounter some resistance, which showed up in the form of Chloe Bennet’s Daisy “Skye” Johnson. While Ghost Rider was the most anticipated part of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD premiere, fans also noticed some effects of the show’s new timeslot, namely the presence of more skin.

In an interview with Brandon Davis at New York Comic-Con, Bennett was asked about the changes made to the show thanks to the new timeslot, and Bennett revealed that fans only saw a fraction of the footage shot for its n-de scene. .

“Well, the first episode, I was like, very n-ked for the start, uh, we shot a lot more than that, which didn’t show up on screen. I think, I don’t know where it went, but someone is very happy.” After Davis glanced at the camera, Bennet added, “You look very suspicious.”

Although in truth, Bennet may have taken the footage. After Davis said “We need to find those files”, Bennet replied “Yes, we do. I have them. I shot them for me.”

While Last Time allowed for more mature storylines and themes, it also gave directors more leeway in their fight scenes, and Bennet’s fight with Gabriel Luna’s Ghost Rider didn’t disappoint.

“Yeah, that was really fun, we had, the first week, we had like a really big, our big fight at the end of the first episode. You know, he was new, we were new, we felt and it was We had a really big intense fight and it was in this crazy junkyard thing, and they’re like “we cleaned it up for you”, and it was always like, there were needles and needles stuff, and they were like ‘just don’t fall off,’ and it was very gross, but it was really fun and he was so awesome and he was fun to fight.”

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