Charles’s Principles at Work While Sussex Remains Awkward

It’s obvious that Harry’s willingness to criticize his own family reflects his immaturity. If he is really looking for help, especially from his brother, Harry should refrain from such behavior. Unfortunately, Harry has dug himself into a deep hole, and finding a way out seems increasingly difficult.

The hole deepened when Harry and Meghan temporarily stepped down as senior royals and then announced their permanent departures, losing the HRH designation. It is clear that they no longer represent the family. Without his family connections, Harry would struggle to earn a living. It seems he doesn’t understand how the real world works.

At this point, Harry seems to be clinging to his title as his only asset. However, everything he grew up with, including his homeland, his family and his disregard for everything, caught up with him. He now resides in a state of nowhere and nothingness, with no home or country.

Harry’s main asset is his connection to his family, and without that, he’s just an unhinged, mean individual. King Charles finds himself in a difficult position. Addressing Harry publicly would stoop to Harry’s level, while private discussions could be manipulated and exploited by Harry, playing the victim card.

Harry is an adult and there is no reason for his father to get involved in this mess. The king’s role is to fulfill his obligations to the people of the country and maintain the integrity of the monarchy. Engaging in an ongoing public feud with Harry would only belittle the monarchy.

The king doesn’t need to lift a finger, because Harry is causing his own downfall. If the British government decided to strip Harry of his titles because of his disrespectful behavior towards the government, it would be justified. Meghan Markle, an American, shouldn’t even want to use the title. She has shown contempt for the British royal family on numerous occasions, but she is willing to exploit it for financial gain. People from different countries should be required to study the history, traditions, laws and requirements of the royal family before being allowed to marry there. Meghan would surely have failed such a test.

Harry, as the son of King Charles, can have any opinion he wants. However, fortunately for the people of the UK, he no longer resides there, so his words are detached from the reality on the ground. Harry should mind his own business and act like an adult, but as we’ve seen many times, he’ll do whatever he wants. Controlling what he says or does next is impossible.

If people are considering scrapping the titles of Harry, Meghan and their children, we have to wonder what real benefits such a move would bring.

This would probably only attract more media attention, and it would have a negative effect at this point. Right now, King Charles is trying to balance fatherhood with his role as king. They are two incredibly different roles. The Late Majesty the Queen was able to adapt to the role by becoming queen when her children were young. However, even she probably had regrets, as she was a different type of mother by the time Andrew and Edward arrived.

Let the king have time to do what he must do. It is important to remember that any decision he makes will be permanent. He can’t just make a decision and then reverse it. As for Harry’s comments about government, there’s not much Charles can do about it. Many others are expressing similar sentiments, so preventing Harry from doing so would be detrimental to free speech. Although the king himself cannot speak ill of the government, there are no specific rules preventing Harry from doing so.

I have friends in California, some living in Santa Barbara, who say no one really cares about Harry and Meghan. They could walk down the street without attracting much attention. In fact, most people didn’t pay much attention to it until they moved to Montecito. They intentionally misled the press by claiming they lived in Santa Barbara, which brought negative publicity to the community. It’s surprising that this lie isn’t added to their long list of lies, but I guess there are just too many lies to follow.

Harry needs to stop talking. His unbalanced behavior is worrying. Although there are no rules forbidding him to say what he wants, it is outrageous for him to undermine the British people to such an extent that it becomes difficult to discern right from wrong in the news. Does Harry even understand the purpose of the news? It exists to inform people about what is happening in the world, to warn and educate. Without her, the world would be a scary place.

In the past, the wealthy elite feared that the poor would acquire knowledge, as it was considered dangerous in the wrong hands, especially among the uninformed masses and women. Harry seems to think that he alone should control what the whole country sees and hears. His past choices, such as dressing as a Nazi and indulging in drug use, cause serious concern.

Harry’s desire to return to the Dark Ages reflects his dislike of a mature audience. He doesn’t want people to know because they might share that information with others, and he fears the consequences. Privacy seems to be his real focus, but his behavior and beliefs are absurd. Harry’s actions are far worse than mere shenanigans; They are dangerous. He and Meghan are complicit, self-absorbed, lying and destructive individuals. They harm the young, the old and maybe even their own children (if they really exist).

They cause harm to families and civilians. Someone has to stop them immediately. They are empty inside, capable only of spreading hatred and destruction. Regardless of any diagnosis they may have, they must go. They only care about money and never about others. Most Americans are not fooled by their PR tactics, although there is still a minority who believe them due to the American media and some celebrities pushing their agenda for reasons I cannot understand. Maybe if the rest of us boycott them and everything they’re involved in, eventually they’ll get the message. We can only hope, although the recent New York episode opened more people’s eyes to their true nature.

In the UK I believe they are mostly ignored. They come across as clowns in their behavior and appearance. They don’t get much old Hollywood attention either, to my knowledge. I don’t understand how the British public tolerates their unfortunate immaturity. They certainly have my sympathy, because I’m sick of them too.

It’s clear that Harry has mental health issues and they’re happy to exploit them. They are not minors; they are a couple of middle-aged millionaires. They are mean and jealous, constantly whining and moaning. The world has many more important things to focus on.

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