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Channing smith He was a 16-year-old teenager, who committed suicide on September 22, 2019, after he was expelled as bisexual on social networks. Smith was a normal guy who loved motorcycles and had dreamed of becoming an engineer. But with the emergence of his character in the world of social networks, he could not face the media and, therefore, committed suicide by shooting himself.

When was Channing Smith born?

Channing Smith was born in 2003 A.D. in Tennessee, United States. His birth name was Channing Smith. His nationality was American. Smith belonged to the white ethnic group.

Smith was the son of Crystal Smith (mother). He was raised along with his older brother, Joshua Smith.

Channing Smith was a junior student at Coffee County Central High School in Manchester. Smith was very fond of motorcycles, punk rock music and the Corvettes since his childhood. Smith had even decided to become an engineer soon, which unfortunately is only a dream now.

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Smith had not openly discussed his sexuality with anyone, not even his family.

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What is the cause of Channing Smith's death?

Channing Smith died on September 22, 2019, after committing suicide by shooting himself. Smith became the victim of being bullied after his classmates exposed screenshots of his text and confided to his friend about his sexuality. Some of his friends betrayed him because they wanted to humiliate Smith. It is among the circle of friends that his identity was bisexual.

Smith's brother, Joshua Smith, wrote a candid note on social networks explaining how a teenager is being affected by social networks that lead them to take their lives. Upon the death of his brother, he said that some of his friends were using Snapchat to expose Smith in some kind of embarrassing information they had collected through screen shots of text messages.

After learning that, he could not face the humiliation of cyber bullying, so he decided to commit suicide.

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Smith's death has brought a great commotion and pain among the community, even calling the attention of country music star Billy Ray Cyrus. Cryus even moved to Manchester on Sunday, September 29, 2019 to perform at Smith's memorial.

Cyrus tweeted on Friday: "This is the saddest story … enough is enough."

Channing Smith's suicide

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Was Channing Smith dating?

Channing Smith was dating a beautiful lady named Hailey Meister. Mister and Smith had been dating for about a month before committing suicide. The Lord explained Smith as a very kind and loving person who never thought bad for anyone.

Mister even added that after the text message of his sexuality went viral on social media, he couldn't stand the humiliation and felt bad about not being classified well.

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