Challenges of a ‘Spare’ Prince

Before Meghan Markle entered Prince Harry’s life, he was already grappling with the idea of ​​a life beyond the confines of the palace. The restless prince had spent many years feeling uncertain about growing up and yearning for an alternative path.

Reflecting on his state of mind, the now 38-year-old prince shared with Levin, “I spent many years kicking, and I didn’t want to grow up. I felt like I wanted out, but I then decided to stay and practice a role for myself.”

According to Hilary Fordwich, a British Royal Family expert, Prince Harry’s desire to escape the pressures of being the “spare part” would likely have surfaced regardless of Meghan’s presence in his life. Fordwich mentioned that the British prince even considered setting up shop in Africa.

Royal commentator Ian Pelham Turner supported this notion, saying: “It has often been alleged that Harry felt the pressures of being a member of the royal family and that it would be very difficult to try to find his life partner. Meghan understood the pressures of being a top celebrity, and the couple believed they could overcome any challenges while carving out their own distinctive roles, seeking a balance between residing in the UK and America.”

However, their aspirations for a single path did not materialize, as the strict rules of the royal institution offered no room for compromise. Harry expressed his determination to lead a relatively normal life, while harboring hopes of starting a family in the future. Additionally, he recounted the emotionally difficult experience of walking behind his mother’s casket at her funeral in 1997.

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