Catherine and William Humiliate Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Again

Even Meghan and Harry are having trouble following the narrative. How did the two actually meet? How did they start dating? They claimed to have met on a blind date set up by a mutual friend in 2016 during their engagement interview.

In their docuseries, they revealed that they met on Instagram. What exactly happened when this Hollywood actress first met the real royal prince? However, we are certain of the reason why this did not happen. We cannot know for sure how this actually happened.

They wanted to keep their relationship low-key and private, which was completely understandable. They briefly split in 2007, indicating a mature approach to their relationship. Their love story is a great example of slowness, true mutual knowledge and building solid foundations for their future.

Their fairytale romance has been going strong since they got married in 2011. Every time you see them together, they seem deeply in love with each other. Their interactions convey genuine love, appreciation and mutual respect.

Small gestures, often unnoticed by the public, illustrate their bond. From sharing an umbrella in the rain to William thoughtfully moving Catherine’s chair for her comfort, it’s clear that their relationship is built on caring and selflessness.

These seemingly insignificant actions reveal what it means to be a true gentleman, putting someone else’s comfort before your own. These gestures reflect their deep love and respect for each other.

Their story is full of moments such as when Catherine’s heel got stuck in a sewer and William was there to help her. These small acts of kindness are consistent in their relationship and speak volumes about their love for each other.

Megan and Harry’s relationship, on the other hand, lacks the solid foundation of Wales’ love story. Megan entered Harry’s life in early 2016, with their relationship becoming public in October 2016. Their whirlwind engagement in November 2017 is a red flag for a rushed relationship. Unlike Wales’ five or six months of intimacy, Megan and Harry’s rapid romance is a telltale sign of a love bombing dynamic, common in narcissistic relationships.

Various rumors surround their engagement, including the claim that Megan lied about her pregnancy to ask for a quickie marriage. Their actions seem to confirm this rush, and the public has witnessed incidents where their bond seemed fragile. At public events, their body language often shows discord, from Megan leading Harry to Harry making Megan cry.

Unlike Wales’ public appearances which exude warmth and unity, Megan and Harry sometimes appear at odds. The Buckingham Palace balcony incident, where Megan looked like she was about to cry, was a clear example of their lack of cohesion. When public appearances don’t go smoothly for a royal couple, it’s not a good sign.

Small but telling gestures say a lot about a relationship. In recent incidents, Megan’s actions and Harry’s reactions indicate discomfort. In one instance, Megan’s mock bow during their Netflix documentary series visibly made Harry uncomfortable. These episodes suggest underlying problems in their relationship.

Harry’s jealousy of what his brother has becomes evident. While William maintains a strong and harmonious partnership with Catherine, Harry seems stuck in a difficult relationship with a narcissistic partner.

The stark contrast between Wales’ love story and the Sussexes’ dynamic is clear. While William and Catherine’s relationship has a solid foundation of love, care, and respect, Megan and Harry’s relationship seems rushed and marred by discord and discomfort.

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