Butler Exposes Princess Catherine’s Real Personality Off-Camera

Earlier this year, reports emerged that the Princess of Wales had not been in contact with her senior officials for a significant period following her abdominal operation. This silence persisted until she publicly revealed her cancer diagnosis in a heartfelt video message on March 22.

Graham Harold, former Royal Butler, shared his views with OK! Magazine, reflecting on the princess’s surprising radio silence during her convalescence. He noted that, under normal circumstances, she was known as a caring boss who liked to joke with her colleagues. Harold recalled their pleasant conversations, emphasizing his genuine concern for his and his family’s well-being. “We often found ourselves laughing together,” he recalls. “I felt incredibly lucky to be a part of those moments.”

The public first saw Princess Catherine at Sandringham attending the usual church service on Christmas Day, December 25. News of his abdominal operation emerged the following day, January 16, coinciding with the King’s planned procedure at the London Clinic later that month. His absence continued through February and March, until his frank announcement of cancer diagnosis and treatment on March 22.

Reflecting on his decision to keep a low profile, similar to the approach his father-in-law took after his own cancer diagnosis in February, the article highlighted his right to privacy amid ongoing health issues. The timing of her return to public office remains unclear, although she appointed Lt. Col. Tom White as her new private secretary in late February, indicating continued administrative activities despite her absence.

The role of private secretary previously held by Hannah Cockburn-Loi until 2022 and Catherine Quinn until 2019 has seen changes, with Ian Patrick recently joining Prince William’s office as office manager. The couple is expected to announce further personnel updates in due course, including a new high-ranking executive to oversee the collaborative teams.

Harold expressed his gratitude for his time serving royalty, acknowledging the organization’s evolution over time. He reflected on the personal connections and memories made, highlighting the importance of his role within the royal household.


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