Billie Eilish just posed basically naked in her latest Instagram post

Billie Eilish just posed practically nude in her latest Instagram post

Billie Eilish is no stranger to an epic Instagram selfie, and although she’s worn some amazing outfits over the years, fans are currently obsessed with her latest photoshoot in which the singer poses pretty much nude.

The new photos seem to show Billie posing topless to celebrate the release of her new scent and, of course, she looks amazing.

Sharing the latest snap on Instagram, we can see Billie pictured nude next to her own reflection, and the whole thing is * very * artistic.

Celebrating the release of her debut fragrance ‘Eilish’, Billie added the caption, “TOMORROW MORNING” Eilish “OUT 9AM PT !!!!!!!!!!!!! @billieeilishfragrances can’t wait for it to be in your hands !!!! “.

And if one photo wasn’t enough, Billie’s also shared a launch video for its new fragrance, featuring a giant model of its bust-shaped perfume bottle. We can see her posing topless in more close-ups in the 1-minute clip, and she’s * literally * beaming.

Letting fans know of her excitement, Billie wrote: “ITS OUT ITS OUTTTT NOW !!! I literally couldn’t be more excited to finally share this with you, my first fragrance” Eilish “is available NOW in the US ! ONLY ON billieeilish. Com perfumes !!! it’s all yours !!!!!!!!!! ”


Fans, of course, are obsessed with all of this, with one commenting on Billie’s first post as simply “OH MY GOD”.

Another added: “You are the best omg, there is literally nothing you can’t do” so, yeah, looks like they like everything.

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