Before Chris Rock, Remember Will Smith Had Also Slapped Ukrainian Man Who Tried To KISS Him? WATCH

Before Chris Rock, do you remember Will Smith also slapping a Ukrainian man who tried to kiss him? LOOK

Will Smith in 2012 let his now famous temper take over as he slapped a Ukrainian prankster

It seems Will Smith isn’t new to slapping people. Yes, you read that right, this wasn’t the first time the iconic actor had resorted to violence. The 94th Academy Awards proved memorable for all the wrong reasons as Will Smith slapped presenter Chris Rock for joking about his wife Jada Pinkett.

Will Smith may be widely hated right now despite winning his first-ever Oscar for ‘King Richard,’ but Chris Rock wasn’t his first victim.

In a now-viral video, the 2012 ace actor let his now-famous temper take over as he slapped a Ukrainian prankster while on the ‘Men in Black III’ red carpet. The incident happened in Moscow when Russia was a key part of Hollywood.

The comedian declined to press charges, but that hasn’t stopped Smith’s widespread condemnation from growing.

Incidentally, Smith also posted an apology on Instagram, but it seems like he didn’t do much to win over fans. There is now a growing call for Smith to be stripped of his Oscar, a decision the Academy is said to be weighing. Of course, some have also seen the fun side of slapgate, including an enterprising Wikipedia editor.

As previously stated, Rock is far from the first to be on the receiving end.

In 1989, Smith was arrested for aggravated assault after he had his bodyguard attack a record promoter, nearly blinding him. But while those charges have since been dismissed, it appears Smith let his temper get the better of him on at least one other occasion — the premiere of “Men in Black III” in Moscow.

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