Beatrice’s Daughter Granted Royal Title on Birthday, Lili’s Title Revoked

Princess Beatrice and her husband, Eduardo Mapelli Mulsi, are celebrating their daughter Sienna’s second birthday today. Sienna was born on September 18, 2021 at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital in London, weighing 6.02 pounds and arriving at 11:42 p.m.

Siena is a name of Italian origin, which could be chosen due to Eduardo’s Italian roots, meaning “orange-red”. It could also be a nod to Beatrice’s grandmother, the Duchess of York, who is called Elizabeth, honoring her memory.

Eduardo shared a heartwarming photo of his daughter on Instagram to wish her a happy birthday. In the photo, Sienna can be seen walking away from the camera, wearing a long-sleeved dress adorned with pink and red flowers and a straw hat with colorful brims, completing her charming look. Notably, such photos of Sienna have been rare on social media since her birth in 2021.

Although Sienna does not hold any royal titles, she will inherit one from her father’s family due to her noble heritage. Eduardo, from the Italian aristocracy, would eventually take over the family seat, the 18th-century Villa Napoléon Monsieur Palace, in northern Italy. Additionally, Eduardo holds the title of Italian count, which means that his children, including Siena, will inherit a title of count or countess. This noble lineage adds to the heritage of Siena.

Sources close to the York family have revealed that Princess Beatrice and her husband are eager to expand their family, giving Sienna a sibling close in age. Beatrice has expressed her desire to have another child, with the aim of achieving this as soon as possible. If Beatrice welcomes a second child, this child would be the 11th in the royal line, following the ascension of King Charles to the throne.

Beatrice’s position allows her to be one of the seven Councilors of State, giving her the ability to fulfill unofficial royal duties and responsibilities. Regarding King Charles’ plan to streamline the workings of the royal family, former BBC World correspondent Jenny Bond explained that if Beatrice and Eugenie became full-time working royals, they would need the support from the sovereign grant.

Both princesses openly discussed their personal experiences with dyslexia, shedding light on important topics with authenticity and sincerity.

On the other hand, the royal titles of Meghan and her children seem uncertain following conflicts and tensions with the royal family.

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