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Barjam Koro, also known as Brian is a digital media influencer best known for his popular art-related Instagram accounts featuring different artists from around the world. He also works as a social media marketing specialist for a well-known marketing and advertising company. Brian is a popular Internet personality worldwide.

Quick facts


February 25, 1998

Age22 years old
Place of birthBerat, Albania
Famous forArt featuring


Barjam Koro was born on February 25, 1998 in Berat, Albania.

Before the celebrity

Barjam Koro started posting on Instagram in August 2013.


His total number of followers on Instagram has grown to over 4 million followers. He has worked with other famous social media influencers such as @ jordi.koalitic @markoterzo @vaustinl @leomahalo and many others.

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