Americans Finding the Sussexes Boring

Meghan and Harry are dismissive, and we finally understand that Americans are really fed up with the Sussexes. The typical celebrity tries to live a quiet life, like most of us. They’ll walk around in casual clothes, eat out, drop their kids off at school, and enjoy life at home.

The only time they make headlines is when they have the opportunity to read a book, movie or TV show, and then it’s up to the media to spread the word. After that, they fall back into oblivion until the next great event.

Even members of the royal family tend to disappear for a few days when they make headlines, usually for a day or so, unless they are on a royal state visit. In these cases, the events are reported in detail, and people appreciate that. However, people don’t want to be bombarded with articles about their everyday life.

Usually, when they have something substantial to share, people want to know and find it interesting. Unfortunately, that was not the case for Meghan and Harry.

Day after day they were jostling in our faces with their moans and moans. They would introduce themselves and be intentionally photographed entering a restaurant through the front door instead of the more private back entrance because, of course, they wanted to be seen. They deliberately tried to be provocative, avoiding making peace themselves. One wonders if this is a response to a call for attention or what their next move will be.

The same can be said about their invisible babies. We’ve never seen a single glimpse of them since they were toddlers, except for a Christmas card. If they can hire help and deliberately keep their children out of public view, that leads to speculation. People are wondering if Meghan even gave birth to these babies, if surrogacy was involved or if they adopted children. It raises questions about what they really look like and why they’re never seen in public. People wonder what they do all day and if they have friends to play with. The list of questions can go on.

Now we are tired of the antics of these two. While Meghan may have achieved her goal of fame, I doubt she’s truly happy. I wonder if things went the way she wanted. After all, she’s only famous because she married Harry and has since spent millions on selfish PR. However, none of them achieved anything other than fame. Well, unless you count the diligent effort to be known for doing things wrong.

Harry, meanwhile, is known for going out and helping people in need. But Megan made it clear when she was royal that she would only volunteer if she was paid. So who are they and why do we need to know so much about them? More importantly, why are people so fascinated by them and their antics? Well, that’s probably because they’re so awful. They make an awful couple, and it’s like watching a train crumble in slow motion as they continue to descend in the social hierarchy. It seems like they still don’t realize how terrible they really are.

In fact, if the stories we’ve heard are to be believed, Meghan still believes she’s going to come up with a brilliant idea that will make her dreams come true. She thinks she will be loved, admired and incredibly rich. If she believes this will happen, she must be thinking that we have very short memories indeed. The truth is that they are beyond redemption and the only way for them is down. That’s why most people in the US and UK feel the same way. In fact, people all over the world are just fed up.

They appear in too many ads, but have very little to say about anyone or anything. Honestly, they’re not that funny; they are quite boring. Sometimes I mean he acted like he was above the law. Honey, you’re definitely not like that in America. And he had all this fake rights information. He thinks he knows too much to tell us what to do with our personal lives and how to live in our own country. The abuse of our hospitality and freedom is simply disgusting. He is trying to have a royal court in a country that has no royalty. And then there’s Meghan’s brand. She’s a very bad woman. She thinks she’s actually more royal than Harry. She thinks she is a queen or a princess or something and asks to be treated as such. She wants to be known as the Princess of Macon of Sussex, RV, then after her introduction she wants people to nod when they see her.

Both are just two amnesiacs trying to disrupt and destroy our space, our culture and our beliefs about our country. So, no, of course we don’t like them. We neither. In fact, we just want them to leave us alone and get out of America. Not only do Americans think so, but just about everyone in the world with internet access hasn’t been silent about their so-called problems. Also, most of their questions are made up. They attacked their families. They had to tell Harry’s family, and Harry grew up in an incredibly privileged family. He never wanted anything, but he had no empathy and no idea how hard our lives were. I mean, we’re in a global recession right now, and Harry complains that his dad isn’t giving him millions of dollars. So now he has to live with about 30 million or so.

Most people are tired of his moaning, and I’m sorry, but he can’t complain about money when you see how much his horrible wife spends on ill-fitting clothes and jewelry. Most also don’t respect the fact that Meghan and Harry chose to flee the UK in order to throw all their grenades across the Atlantic. Now if you don’t like them, that’s fine, but shut up because no one cares. Normal people have more to worry about than the crazy woman and her problem which is not number one in another country. And I think the worst thing they could do is make the poor queen die.

I absolutely despise bullies and people who abuse power, and of course their power is tied to Harry’s family and his title. So, I think enough has been said. The media should stop focusing on them all the time until The Crown starts. I managed to ignore them until Prince Harry married Meghan. I’m really not interested. I mean, I love Diana and I love the stories I’ve heard of the Royals helping people, but the amount of coverage is just ridiculous now, and the family feud has completely died down.

I want Meghan and Harry to stay in Canada. I miss old Hollywood celebrities. I mean, this new generation of celebrities only speaks for themselves. Everything should revolve around them, and each is just a support for the continuation of their life. Call me corny, but I just don’t agree with this new trend. I mean, they look a lot like the Kardashians. They are really famous for being overhyped. They have no major achievements. Harry was fine before he married Meghan, although the idea was also based on the premise of the game American Wounded Warrior.

So it doesn’t look very original. In the United States, many people hadn’t even heard of Meghan on those cable shows before seeing Meghan and Harry together, and their constant complaints have alienated many Americans. Because the Royals have elevated them to mainstream money and social status that no one would agree on. Never experience it. So at this point we just hope they are gone.

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