Amazon VP Officially Confirms Rejection of Meghan Markle’s New Podcast Partnership Talks

Their talks with Amazon for a new audiobook and podcast deal collapsed, and the reasons for that failure are nothing short of mind-blowing.

So, let’s start with the big plan. Meghan and Harry, fresh off their Spotify debut, were planning to strike a lucrative deal with Amazon’s audiobook and podcast service, Audible.

The idea was to recover the lost millions and establish themselves as multimedia moguls. But, surprise, surprise, Amazon had different plans in mind. Their rep quickly shut down the claims from Meghan’s team, leaving the couple in the dust.

Now, Meghan’s PR agency might try to present this as a minor setback, but let’s be real. Meghan’s attempt to get closer to stars like Julia Roberts was always a pipe dream. Why would someone of Julia’s caliber partner with Meghan? Julia has a reputation to uphold, and Meghan’s questionable background isn’t exactly appealing.

Let’s talk about their podcast. Frankly, it was doomed from the start. Their lack of new and compelling content meant that no one wanted to touch it. In the world of podcasts, if you’re not offering something new and exciting, you’re basically invisible. And, unsurprisingly, Meghan and Harry’s podcast project collapsed.

But the saga does not end there. Meghan’s political ambitions have also come under scrutiny. This rumor that she would run for senator or even president of the United States arouses skepticism. Call me a skeptic, but someone who couldn’t handle the criticism of royal life for just two years suddenly wants to rule a nation?

As reported by expert Angela Levan, who is no stranger to criticism of Meghan and Harry, she hit the nail on the head by pointing out that Meghan’s lack of thick skin, a crucial trait required for politics, seems highly improbable. In the political world, you must be able to handle criticism, scrutiny and public opinion. Based on Meghan’s track record, this seems like a tall order.

And let’s not forget their charitable efforts. According to some reports, they spent only one hour a week on it. One hour. This is not the level of dedication one would expect from people claiming to make a significant difference.

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