After seven years of relationship, why did Evan Peters and Emma Roberts break up?

They had a connection from the moment they met, however, they decided to put a final point on their relationship. Find out why Hollywood stars broke up.

There are more and more cases that reinforce the premise that sometimes love just isn’t enough. There are multiple factors that can intervene for a bond to stop working and a mix of all stood between the more than seven-year romance between Evan Peters and Emma Roberts, who after several twists and turns decided to put a full stop. final on this. to your relationship.

In recent weeks, Evan Peters has positioned himself among the trends. The actor returned to the front of the stage after playing in Dahmer, the real detective series which triumphs on Netflix. Although since the start of his career he has kept a low profile, he has been talked about in his love life. It is that for seven years he was in a relationship with Emma Roberts, the actress with whom he shared the filming of American Horror Story.

It was in 2012 when the acting duo first bonded while filming the movie Adult World. Since then, they have embarked on a romance that has dazzled fans who expected to see them on red carpets or new projects on screen. This is how it was during the seven years of their relationship, during which they experienced ups and downs and where they put their love to the test, even suspending a marriage.

In 2014, Peters proposed to Roberts while on vacation in New York. The actress was quick to agree, but just a year later the engagement was put on hold. A source told People, “They broke up. They both had a lot to do and it was best they did it alone.” The truth is, months later, they were once again shown together on dates, Christmas celebrations, and even with photos on Instagram.

But the happiness didn’t last long: in May 2016, they decided to take some time apart. Emma Roberts has even been seen with documentary filmmaker Christopher Hines. In November of the same year, they resumed their bond and it seemed that this time would be their final reconciliation. However, in March 2019, it was confirmed that they had put an end to their idyll, especially since the actress had been seen kissing the interpreter Garrett Hedlund.

Why exactly did they break up? The protagonists did not reveal the reason, specifying that sometimes it is simply a matter of differences. The actress commented in a dialogue with Cosmopolitan: “I realize that life has ups and downs. I try to overcome them and live somewhere in between. When you’re weak, you think it’s will never end. When you’re stoned, you’re so scared it’ll end.”

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