Adam Sandler Recalls Wife’s Cheering on Passionate Kissing Scene with Jennifer Aniston in Murder Mystery

Adam Sandler remembered his
marry shouting, “Kiss her harder, deeper!” During filming
Jennifer Aniston and one
kissing scene for a
murder mystery

2019 saw the release of American comedy
Murder Mysterywhich featured
Adam Sandler And
Jennifer Aniston in the main roles.

2019 saw the release of American comedy
Murder Mysterywhich was loosely based on the bestselling novel “Murder on the Orient Express”.
Adam Sandler Reminders that of the woman Encourage enthusiasts
kissing scene with Jennifer Aniston In
Murder Mystery Adam Sandler And
Jennifer Aniston played the main actors of the film. After its release on Netflix, the film received a series of reactions from viewers.

While the film is loved by many, one of the most talked about scenes was the steamy kiss between the two main stars. Adam even once talked about filming the kissing scene which was awkward for him when an unexpected guest showed up on set. Scroll down to learn more.

When Adam Sandler And Jennifer Aniston

were filming their romance kissing scene on sets of
Murder Mysteryplayers marry Jackie and her children appeared on the sets. As reported by USA Today, Adam recalled, “The only awkward part is hearing my
marry on the side, ‘Stronger! Stronger! Kiss her harder! Deeper!’ They (Jackie and the kids) watched the kisses. They adore him. They love Aniston, and they want her to have good things and they’re like, “Give her something nice.” ”

“It was awkward,” Aniston also agreed with him.

But it shows just how much Jackie and
Adam Sandler are and why they are quietly one of Hollywood’s most successful marriages. “Murder Mysteryfollows a longtime married couple who are framed for murder while unlikely guests on a billionaire’s yacht in Europe. The film premiered on Netflix on Friday.

Jokingly, Sandler pointed out that Aniston was looking forward to the moment of the kiss. He recalled, “She’s texting me, ‘Nine days to kiss, it’s coming.’ However, the actress had one demand from her scruffy co-star. “I taught him to oil his beard a little bit,” she said.

“She wanted me to have a nice, soft kiss,” said
Adam Sandler.


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