Actress Kaley Cuoco obtains a divorce from Karl Cook after a long bureaucratic process

Kaley Cuoco and Karl Cook announced their split in September last year. The couple had barely been married for two years when the news broke. The facts took everyone by surprise, since there was no question that the couple could go through a crisis. In front of the public, both gave the image of an exemplary marriage. Since then, The Big Bang Theory actress has been on her way to becoming a single woman, something that after more than nine months is finally a reality.

However, the heart of the actress activates again. Last May, Cuoco introduced its new partner. The lucky winner is Tom Pelphrey, known for the Ozark series. The actor once again made the performer believe in love, and after several suspicious comments on social networks, both confirmed their relationship by sharing numerous images on social networks, where they could be seen very accomplices and happy.

Since September, little has been known about how the bureaucracy progressed for the actress to officially part ways with the 31-year-old jockey. It was a slow process, but she finally made it. The actress already knows how complex these processes are, since this was her second marriage. The 36-year-old actress was married between 2013 and 2016 to tennis player Ryan Sweeting. In 2018, she began her romance with Cook, a relationship that lasted just over three years.

The news of the separation became known thanks to the Entertainment Tonight portal, which had access to official documents, from which it is extracted that it was this week that the Superior Court of Los Angeles finalized the divorce proceedings. Despite this information, it is not known if there was some kind of economic agreement between the two parties, since they did not have children together.

Although the actress is very happy in her new relationship with Tom Pelphrey, she has no plans to walk down the aisle a third time. At least for now. She revealed it in an interview she gave last April to Glamor magazine. However, she also explained that she isn’t closed to falling in love anytime soon. “I would like to enjoy a lasting relationship, a life partner. But no, I will not remarry. Of course not. If you want, you can put that on the cover”, he assured at the gate, implying that he had suffered a lot in his previous marriage. Can his new illusion with Pelphrey make him change his mind? We’ll have to wait to find out.

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