10 things you (maybe) didn’t know about Jennifer Aniston

10 things you (maybe) didn’t know about Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston is 52 years old and we’ve known her for … almost always. Here are 10 little things you might need to know about her that you might not have known.

1 / FAMILY –

Jennifer Aniston is of Greek descent. Her dad, John, born Yannis Anastassakis, actor, has been one of the pillars of Soap Days and Lives since 1986 (this same soap opera in which the Joey from Friends will play!). Her mother, Nancy Dow, who died in 2016, was also an actress. Jen has two half-brothers: John T. Melick, assistant director, ten years her senior and born from her mother’s first marriage to Jack Melick; and Alex, twenty years younger, born of his father’s second marriage to Sherry Rooney. His godfather was none other than Telly Savalas, the legendary Kojak of the small screen.


At 6 years old, Jennifer is a student at Rudolf Steiner School in New York, where she can develop her talents for comedy and painting. At the age of 11, one of his works is also exhibited at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in Big Apple. She then joined the High School for the Performing Arts, aka Fame High School.

3 / FAN-

As a teenager, Jennifer is a big fan of the English pop group Duran Duran. The guy who can hang out all night in front of Simon Le Bon’s hotel trying to spot him; and stand in line all day, rose in hand, in front of a store for a dedication. In vain. They close the doors in front of her.

4 / REBEL –

Around the same time, Jen is dating a punk singer! To match her sweetheart, she shaves her hair behind her ears, wears a ton of earrings, and only dresses in black.


Just graduated from high school, Jen goes on odd jobs (courier, receptionist, telemarketer and waitress) and small roles. After a few appearances in various television productions, she believes she is on the right track in landing the lead role in Leprechaun, a horror film. A failure. On the verge of despair, she thinks of giving up the profession …


Auditions for a sitcom called Friends come just at the right time. Initially, she is promised the role of Monica, but she asks to be Rachel, a character who suits her better. The producers say ok. She just needs to go on a diet (and lose fifteen extra pounds) and change her hairstyle. Who becomes worship. The stars of Friends made a fortune: originally they were only paid $ 22,500 per episode, they have reached the million in recent seasons.


His strangest encounter with the fans? In a sauna. “I was there, quite naked, women came and asked me, ‘Are you Jennifer?’ I replied: ‘Uh … yes.’ And there, they took out some paper and a pencil so that I could sign an autograph for them! ”


She met Brad Pitt in the spring of 1998 during a blind date organized by their respective agents. They get married two years later. Marriage costs $ 1 million, alliances are created by the gentleman. While taking the vows, Brad promises to learn how to control the oven thermostat and Jen to always lovingly make him his favorite banana milkshake. They divorced in 2005 (but their cooking skills are not to blame).


Victim of Jen and Brad’s separation? A life-size photo of the two stars taken on their wedding day and left in the house that housed their happiness. None of them wanted it.

10 / FORTUNE –

Jennifer Aniston consistently ranks among the world’s highest-paid actresses despite her relatively low screen presence, and her films have rarely been box office successes (despite her worldwide popularity). However, she continues to receive a percentage of Friends’ syndication revenues (an estimated sum of $ 20 million per year for each actor!), And can thank her multiple advertising contracts – with Emirates Airlines, Water Smartwater. and the Aveeno hair care brand. Finally, his series projects with Apple (with Reese Witherspoon) and films with Netflix are paying him big.

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