V. C. Sajjanar (IPS)- Biography of the Hyderabad Encounter Officer

Less than 10 days after the horrific murder and murder of a 27-year-old veterinary surgeon in Hyderabad, another name surfaced on social media and became a national hero. This name is that of VC Sajjanar, who led the meeting of the four accused involved. in the gang rape and the murder of the veterinary doctor.

A meeting that makes him a national hero

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On the morning of December 6, 2019, the nation awoke with the announcement of the meeting of the four accused in the case of rape and murder in Hyderabad in 2019, led by none other than V. C. Sajjanar. Social media has praised the Police Commissioner of Cyberabad, V. C. SajjanarAfter the four defendants – Mohammad Ali alias Mohammad Arif, Jollu Shiva, Jollu Naveen Kumar and Chintakunta Chenna Keshavulu were killed during a meeting after attempting to escape while they were being driven on the place of the murder.

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Before dawn, police in Cyberabad shot dead the four suspects in the rape and murder case. On 6 December 2019, at around 3 am, police reportedly opened fire on National Highway 4, near Hyderabad, at the very spot where the 27-year-old victim's burnt body had been found. Police took the accused to the scene to reconstruct the crime scene. According to the police, shortly after his arrival on the scene, the accused began stoning police officers to escape and, even after several warnings to surrender, he did not follow the instructions; forcing the police to meet them.

"The soul of my daughter in peace now"

Shortly after the announcement of the meeting between the four accused during the rape and murder committed in Hyderabad in 2019, the father of the victim stated that he was very happy and thanked the police in Telangana, in especially with MV V. Sajjanar. Reacting to the news of the meeting, the veterinarian's father said:

It's been 10 days since the day my daughter died. I express my gratitude to the police and the government for that. The soul of my daughter must be at peace now. "

A dynamic career as an IPS officer

V C Sajjanar takes office as Police Commissioner in Cyberabad

V C Sajjanar takes office as Police Commissioner in Cyberabad

Sajjanar is a IPS Officer Lot 1996. Considered one of the country's most dynamic police officers, Mr. Sajjanar began his career as Assistant Deputy Commissioner of Police in Jangaon (Warangal District) in Telangana. Subsequently, he held various key positions, including the Deputy Inspector General of Police (Special Intelligence Service) and the Inspector General of Police (Special Intelligence Service). Prior to being assigned to the Intelligence Wing, Sajjanar was alongside OCTOPUS and the Economic Crimes Squadron (CID) holds the rank of Superintendent of Police. In March 2018, he was appointed Police Commissioner of Cyberabad.; replacing Sandeep Shandilya, who has been promoted to the position of Deputy Director General.

A model

C Sajjanar and his wife Anupa after their votes

C Sajjanar and his wife Anupa after their votes

MV C. Sajjanar is considered one of the most dynamic and disciplined police officers in the country. Shortly after taking office as a police commissioner in Cyberabad in March 2018, he has taken many initiatives to fight crime establishing a welfare society in the state. He is famous for the dynamic development of the IT sector and has organized various events internationally since his appointment. Apart from these, he gave priority to issues relating to the safety of women and children, the security of information technologies and other industries, road safety and problems. of circulation. He never misses an opportunity to give a public message to accomplish his basic tasks and is often seen voting during the election period with his wife Anupa.

Expunged Maoist activities in Telangana

C Sajjanar

As Inspector General of Police (Special Intelligence Service), Mr. Sajjanar played a key role in limiting Maoist activities in Telangana. Designed exclusively to collect information and develop counter-strategies against the Maoists, the Sajjanar SIB has managed to keep Maoist activities to a minimum in the youngest state in the country (Telangana). Hiring Mr. Sajjanar for this rare feat, the Director General of Police, Mr. Mahender Reddy, recently said there was no presence or movement of Maoists in Telangana under the wise supervision of MV C. Sajjanar.

Dating specialist

C Sajjanar

Thanks to his proactive approach to the suppression of crime, MV C. Sajjanar has earned the label of "dating specialist" in the popular media. Before the meeting of the four accused involved in the rape and murder committed in Hyderabad in 2019, he had led a similar meeting of the accused in an equally sensational acid attack case in December 2008 in Warangal District in Telangana.. He was the police chief of Warangal District under the regime of YS Rajaskehar Reddy when three young men attacked two girls, Swapnika and Pranitha, with acid, while they were going to the hospital. university. The two girls were studying engineering at the Kakatiya Institute of Technology in Warangal. Swapnika reportedly rejected Srinivas' proposal, the main defendant of this sensational acid attack. According to the police, Srinivas attacked the girls with an acid attack, along with his friends P. Harikrishna and B. Sanjay. While Swapnika died on the spot, Pranitha recovered after prolonged treatment. Shortly after the incident, a huge public scandal erupted in the state and across the country. After arresting the accused, the police, under the able leadership of MV C. Sajjanar, introduced them to the media, where they confessed to their crime. Later, they were taken to the scene to recreate the crime scene; However, they tried to flee and rebelled against the cops and, to defend themselves, the police had to face them.

Extrajudicial murder

Extrajudicial murder

While many appreciated the action of the police under the direction of MV C. Sajjanar, several human rights defenders did not support him on the pretext that the police were not to give judgment. Human rights activists have criticized the government and police for "extrajudicial" killings.

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