Marty Lagina (The Curse of Oak Island) Bio, Age, Height, Wife, Net Worth

Martyr Lagina

Curriculum vitae Marty Lagina

Marty Lagina is known as the viticulturist, engineer, star and producer of The Curse of Oak Island. He is the producer and is also among those who finance the show.

Marty Lagina Age

Marty Lagina was born in Kingsford, Michigan, United States on August 26, 1955. He is 66 years old.

Marty Lagina Height

Marty stands at an average height of 5 feet 8 inches / 1.7 meters.

Marty Lagina Education

Marty attended the University of Michigan University of Technology and received a degree in Mechanical Engineering in 1977. He then went to the University of Michigan and earned his Ph.D. in Juris in 1982.

Marty Lagina family

Marty’s parents are Ann Cavalieri and George Jacob Lagina. He has two brothers Rick Lagina, and Matina Lagina.

Wife Marty Lagina

Marty is happily married to M Olivia Lagina. Together they have two children named Alex Lagina and Maddie Lagina.

Marty Lagina Net Value

Marty has a net worth of $ 100 million.

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Marty Lagina The Curse of Oak Island

Marty is a popular television personality, businessman and engineer. His most notable work remains in the Curse of Oak Island series where he works as a producer, starring in the show and also as one of the people who fund it.

He started his career working for Amoco Production Company as an oil engineer. Then, while attending law school in 1979, he was an independent petroleum engineer consulting an engineering firm for various Michigan companies.

He founded Terra Energy Ltd., an oil and gas exploration and production company in 1982. The company implemented and designed many of the technical advances that enabled Antrim Shale gas to be a commercially viable resource in the state of Michigan. In 1995, Terra Energy was sold to CMS Energy, at which time Terra was the largest gas drilling operator in Michigan.

He is currently the largest owner of Chartwell Properties, LLC. American Society of Mechanical Engineers.

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