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Jonathan Van Ness She is an American hairdresser, podcaster and television personality. Van Ness is best known for her role as a personal grooming expert in the Netflix Queer Eye series. He is openly gay and revealed in the 2019 interview that he tested positive for HIV at age 25. He has more than 4.5 million followers in his (protected email)

Why is Jonathan Van Ness famous?

  • The personal hygiene expert of the Netflix Queer Eye series.

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Where was Jonathan Van Ness born?

Jonathan Van Ness was born on March 28, 1987. His birthplace is Quincy, Illinois, in the United States. He has American nationality. He is a descendant of the Oakley family and is the sixth generation of the family that owns media and conglomerates Quincy. His mother, Mary Oakley Winter, is the company's vice president. Information about his father is not available. Your zodiac sign in Aries.

He attended Quincy Senior High School, where he was the first non-female cheerleader. He continued to cheer in college too. He attended the University of Arizona with a cheerleading scholarship. He was specializing in political science in Arizona. However, he fell into drug addiction, which led his grades to fall. Therefore, he lost his cheerleading scholarship. Van Ness subsequently left Arizona. He retired to devote himself to the hairstyle.

He trained at the Aveda Institute in Minneapolis. After graduating from Aveda, he worked for 5 years in Arizona.

Jonathan Van Ness Sexual orientation

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He moved to Los Angeles, California in 2009 to pursue his career.

In California, he found work as a personal assistant at Sally Hershberger Salon.

He co-founded MoJoHair and Stile Salon with Monique Northrop at Arte Salon in New York City. He works there too.

Erin Gibson, who worked for the Funny or Die comedy union, asked Van Ness to recap the Game of Thrones Funny or Die episode.

It later became the web series of Gay of Thrones.

Van Ness was nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award for Best Short Form Variety Series for Gay of Thrones in 2018.

Jonathan Van Ness Etnia

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It was also the regular series in the sequel to I Love the New Millennium, I Love the 2000s.

He hosts the weekly Getting Curious podcast with Jonathan Van Ness. He presented his podcast from 2015 until the first episode of Queer Eye.

He is currently the personal grooming expert at the Netflix revival of Queer Eye since 2018.

He competed in a competition reality series, Nailed It! in 2018

He was a contestant in the lip sync battle in 2019.

He currently divides working time between Los Angeles and New York City.

Jonathan Van Ness Carrera

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Who is Jonathan Van Ness married to?

Jonathan Van Ness is openly gay. He experienced bullying throughout his school life. He also received death threats. He used humor as a coping mechanism to support him in difficult times. You have a chronic skin condition known as psoriasis. It helps its clients about skin care due to their own skin condition.

He revealed in a 2019 interview with The New York Times that he was diagnosed with HIV at the age of 35. He also revealed that he was a victim of sexual abuse as a child.

Although he is openly gay, he has kept his personal life away from the spotlight. There is no information on who Van Ness is dating. He lives in Los Angeles, California.

Jonathan Van Ness Height

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What are Jonathan Van Ness's body measurements?

Jonathan Van Ness stands at a height of 1.83 m, that is, 6 feet high. It has a body weight of 165 pounds, that is, 75 kg. It has a thin body. He has dark brown hair and hazel eyes. It usually keeps your hair long. He also keeps his mustache.

Jonathan Van Ness net worth

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What is the net worth of Jonathan Van Ness?

Jonathan Van Ness wins his career in the entertainment industry. It is a television personality. He is a hairdresser and has salons. His greatest income comes from his hairdressing skills. Its net worth is estimated at $ 2 million.

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