Ben Affleck: “If I had stayed married to Jennifer Garner, maybe I would still be a slave to alcohol”

Ben Affleck: “If I had remained married to Jennifer Garner, I might still be a slave to alcohol”

The actor, who has been in rehab several times and a guest of the Howard Stern Show, revealed that he too had started drinking because in his marriage to the mother of his three children he felt “unhappy and trap”.

At 49 years old, Ben Affleck is a new man: the addiction to alcohol which sent him several times in rehab in the past is no more than a bad memory. But things could have been different: “If I had stayed married to Jennifer Garner, I would probably still drink,” the Howard Stern Show star admitted. Explaining that he also started drinking because in his marriage to the mother of his three children (Violet, 16, Seraphina, 12, and Samuel, 9) he felt “unhappy” and “trapped”: “I thought: I can’t leave, no I can leave my children. But I’m not happy, what should I do? Then I drank a bottle of scotch and fell asleep on the sofa. But clearly that was not a solution. ”

Affleck also revealed that he and Garner, who married in 2005 and announced their divorce in 2015 and finalized in 2018, went to great lengths to save the marriage: “We have tried and tried, for the sake of the children. But it didn’t work. “From the ashes of their love, however, a beautiful friendship was born. The ex-wife, for Ben, was always there. Even in the most difficult times, like during his rehab. alcoholic.the last time he entered rehab – in August 2018 – Jennifer was accompanying him.

These scenes seem to be part of a chapter that is definitely closed. He has long since conquered his demons and also found love again. With Jennifer Lopez, with whom he rekindled a relationship that ended in 2004. Today, the star, along with the two Jennifer of his life – Lopez and Garner – has managed to create a beautiful extended family. Last November, for example, they celebrated Halloween together. With five children: the three of the former couple Affleck-Garner, and the two of J.Lo with Marc Anthony, the twins Emme and Max (13 years old). The paparazzi photographed the extended family on the streets of the neighborhood, during the classic “Trick or Treat”. However Jennifer has always wanted her ex-husband to find serenity and balance. With J. Lo. She “sees him happy.” And she is happy for him ”.


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