Backpack Kid Bio, Age, Net Worth, Songs, Dating, Parents, Dancing

Backpack Kid Bio, Age, Net Worth, Songs, Dating, Parents, Dancing - Backpack Kid Bio Age Net Worth Songs Dating Parents Dancing
Children’s backpack

Biography of children’s backpacks

The Backpack kid is an American Internet sensation known for its “Floss” dance style. He had released many songs such as “Drip on Boat” and “Flossin” with DJ Suede The Remix God.

Childhood backpacks

The child is 18 years old since 2020. Russel Horning was born on 19 December 2001. Born in Lawrenceville, New Jersey, United States. Celebrates his birthday on December 18 every year and his zodiac sign is Capricorn.

Children’s backpack height Weight

The child is standing on a height of 5 feet 10 or 1.55 inches and weighs 62 pounds or 136.5 pounds. It is a slender and well-maintained body with a beautiful face.

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Parents of children with backpack Brothers

His mother is Anita Redd, who also serves as his manager and has a younger sister named Jill. His father has not yet been named. It belongs to the White Caucasian Decent.

Education for children with backpack

Russell Horning attended Griggs Ville School. In addition, he studies an online school so that he can travel and therefore does not study in a formal school.

Children’s backpack career

It was an online session and popular for sharing his unusual dance moves on YouTube and Instagram, before Russell fame. He is a talented hip-hop artist and rapper. In addition, he released several songs with DJ suede, Drip on Boat, Ball out, etc., such as Flossin. On his 17th birthday, he released his debut four-song EP, Swag Pack Boy.

The first major breakthrough for Russell came in 2015, when 700,000 fans noted him online. After Rihanna published his dance move, he starts climbing to express her enjoyment in the 6 Grammys selection in 2016.

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Then, after Katy Perry invited him to dance to her new song “swiss swiss” on “Saturday Night Live” of 2017. So, because of his backpack on stage with Katy Perry, earn a Backpack name. In the show, she played beautifully with dance moves, impressing the spectators. He later also starred in the singer’s music video for the single “Swish Swish”. Later that year, his fancy dance moves were imitated by NFL player Mack Hollins during a Philadelphia 76ers game.

The current Instagram account is named “@thebackpackkid” and has more than 1.9 million followers. In addition, Backpack kid also released a new album “Balenciagas” in 2019. In addition, he has done an ad for Checkers to support the $ 1 Fries campaign. He is currently planning to design backpacks and other items such as socks, hats, sweatshirts and T-shirts.

Similarly, it was released on YouTube on February 17, 2020. Some of the YouTube videos on its channel include “I PICKED UP JESSIKATHEPRANKSTER AND MOM S IN A DISGUISED UBER (THEY GET MAD)” and “BEWARE OF TAKING LAVARADO” FRONT OF THE DAM (MADE BUILT). “

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Children’s backpack of pure value

δ ‘ Net value is about $ 400,000. He earns about $ 30,000 a year and earns $ 2,500 a month and $ 575.92. It then generates additional revenue from social media such as Instagram and YouTube. He had signed a multi-billion dollar deal with a Spray Ground industry.

Kids Backpack Awards

the children won two awards in 2018 It was the Children’s Choice Award for “Favorite Dance Trend” and the Shorty Award for “Best in Dance”.

Backpack Kid Social Media Contact

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