Back Off! Meghan Markle Trembles as Kate Sends Threatening Letter, Ready to Play Dirty

Kate is sending a clear message: Meghan Markle is treading carefully as the feud with the royal family continues. Amid the ongoing feud between Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle, a recent report suggests Kate sent a threatening message to Meghan urging her to back down.

The Princess of Wales and the Duchess of Sussex are reportedly not on good terms, and their strained relationship has been the subject of intense speculation since Harry and Meghan stepped back from royal duties in 2020.

The couple faced criticism and backlash after the release of their tell-all series on Netflix and Harry’s bombshell memoir, which raised serious allegations against the monarchy. Recent events, including the termination of their $20 million Spotify contract and their show missing out on an Emmy nomination, seem to have devastated them.

Reports even suggest that Harry plans to return to the UK to work under his grandfather, King Charles. Amid all the turmoil, Kate reportedly blames Meghan for Harry’s constant downfalls and isn’t afraid to stand up for her family and the interests of the Royal Family.

Known for her fairness and clear thinking, Kate fiercely protects those close to her and is ready to defend herself if necessary. The recent revelation of a ‘clear message’ to Meghan to be careful about what she says regarding Kate is taken as a warning.

Kate had once shared a strong bond with Harry, but her relationship with Meghan has turned frosty, especially since their move to California. Kate is determined to hold on and worries about the impact of the situation on their children, who are dearly missed by their Uncle Harry.

As birthdays and special family moments approach, Kate thinks Harry is missing something, possibly because of Meghan’s influence. The tension between the two Duchesses continues to make headlines, leaving many wondering how this ongoing feud will play out in the future.

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