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Addonnis is a booming hip hop artist who was born and raised in Toledo, Ohio and is now
based in Los Angeles, California. Music is in Addonnis’ blood. As a child he grew up in a
household of artistic individuals. His father is a keyboardist and in his younger years
pursued a career as a singer. Her mother is a singer who sang in the choir. His youngest
Brother is an accomplished pianist and singer. At the age of 7, Addonnis began to
venture into the arts and begin training as a classical pianist. Under the instructions of
his teacher, he mastered his craft and graduated from his program by Trinity
College of Music in London at the age of 17, which is equivalent to a minor in music at
college level. Although classical music was his basic training, he always had a love
for hip hop.

Fast facts


Non published

Age Non published
Place of birth Ohio
Current City Los Angeles CA, United States
Birth name Addonnis Black
Occupation Model, musician


Grow, Addonnis listened to a wide variety of types of music, including R & amp; B, Pop,
Alternative rock, but above all Hip Hop. As a child, some of his favorite hip hop artists
included Lil ‘Kim, Missy Elliot, Busta Rhymes and Snoop Dogg. Addonnis admired their
level of creativity and confidence that they released on the tracks and this strongly influenced his
style of music. At the age of 13 Addonnis started writing his first raps. On his Myspace
page, he rewrote and made his own versions of popular songs in the blog section.
Exposure to different styles of music helped stimulate Addonnis’ desire to do
universal music that everyone can enjoy.

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Although artistically talented, Addonnis is also highly educated and holds a PhD in
Ohio Northern University Pharmacy. While continuing his education at Northern Ohio in
2010, Addonnis began to enter the studio and record his own hip hop music. He found it
fun but difficult to remix classic and current Hip Hop songs. In 2010, he put
released his first mixtape “The Coronation” which received over 1,000 downloads on DatPiff.

Pay my contributions

In 2011 he released his next mixtape “Paying My Dues” which served as a tribute to all
artists who influenced his style and his pursuit of music. “Paying My Dues” received more
1500 downloads on Datpiff. While living in Ohio, Addonnis performed at multiple venues
locations across the state.

First LGBTQ Fighting Rapper

In 2013 Addonnis began to pursue his newfound interest in combat rap and was a pioneer in the
genre as one of the first LGBTQ fight rappers in a dominant heterosexual field. Addonnis
faced a lot of adversity while pursuing combat rap but hoped his courage and tenacity
would help open the doors for other LGBT artists to participate as well. Throughout the
Midwestern combat leagues, Addonnis was known to have used “complex rhyming structures,
clever pun and witty punchlines ”. Due to the talent he displayed in his first battle,
he was offered a chance to compete in one of New York’s biggest battle leagues, “King
of the Ring ”. Addonnis continued to pursue combat rap until he graduated from college with his
doctorate in pharmacy in 2014.

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Own music

In 2014, Addonnis moved to California. While living in California, Addonnis works full time
and pursues his music full time. After quitting battle rap, Addonnis decided to
focus more on creating their own original music and aspire to make it popular.

Future LGBTQ artists

Addonnis hope that by reaching this goal, it can open more doors for
future LGBTQ artists to enter the music industry.


Save flows

Currently Addonnis is working on his first “EP” titled Game Time. His first single “Level
Up ”was released in 2017 and received over 28,000 streams on Spotify for
Dated. The clip has over 151,000 views on Facebook and 57,000 views on YouTube.
Her second single “Strike A Pose” has received over 56,000 streams on Spotify to date.
The music video has over 24,000 views on YouTube and 130,000 views on Facebook.
Collectively, his YouTube channel has received over 200,000 views and has a lot of traffic.

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These two singles activated Addonnis perform in more than 5 music festivals across the country
and over 7 local sites on the west coast. His latest single “Runway” received
over 11,000 streams since its release on October 3, 2020. Addonnis is now preparing for
is releasing his highly anticipated music video for his song “Runway”. He is also preparing for
released his first album “Game Time” in spring 2021.

Did you know…

  • His songs have been broadcast over millions of times on all networks.
  • Addonnis is also highly educated and holds a PhD in
    Ohio Northern University Pharmacy.
  • Addonnis started writing his first raps at the age of 13

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