Why Katherine Heigl prefers authentic n-de scenes

What’s weirder than being n-ked on screen? For Katherine Heigl, it’s pretending not to be.

In her new film “One for the Money”, Heigl’s heroine Stephanie Plum finds herself naked in the shower. Not too weird, right? Except that she happens to be handcuffed there.

The 33-year-old actress reveals that instead of trying to stay decent in the scene, she “almost” embraced her n-ness. “You can cover the bits with patties and that kind of stuff, but I think that’s weirder than just being n-ked,” Heigl told “Extra.” “It looks weirder and more confusing to the team. I’m sure they’re like, ‘So Katherine doesn’t have nipples.'”

Although she claimed her philosophy might be “a bit pointless,” Heigl still shared “a few tips” from the n-ked trade. “For the real n-de stuff that I was able to cover with my hands,” she said, “then they cut tighter and then I can wear underwear.”

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Although Heigl rarely takes it off for movies (she wore a bed sheet for her n-de scene with Ashton Kutcher in “The Killers” and kept a bra on for her “Knocked Up” sex scenes), she showed her fake-n-de expertise recently in a Funny or Die PSA, in which she posed topless with a dog covering her b-re chest.

Heigl could have used the pup two years ago when she almost accidentally flashed her fans when her strap broke at the Showest convention in Las Vegas while on stage to accept female star of the year . Although she didn’t end up showing any of her assets, at least we know we would have been spared the “horror” of seeing pies.

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