Why Aaron Sorkin Refused to Write a love Scene for Nicole Kidman in a Movie He Wasn’t Proud of

Why Aaron Sorkin Refused To Write A Love Scene For Nicole Kidman In A Movie He Wasn’t Proud Of

Nicole Kidman is no stranger to love scenes in movies. The actor has had a few intimate relationships with his co-stars throughout his prestigious filmography. But there was a moment earlier in Kidman’s career when screenwriter Aaron Sorkin refused to write a love scene for the star. And it was a movie that Sorkin really didn’t like.

Why Nicole Kidman Finds Her Love Scenes Important

Many celebrities have spoken of the discomfort that comes with love scenes. But there are other stars, like Nicole Kidman, who aren’t shy about indulging in this level of on-screen intimacy. In an interview with Harpers Bazaar, Kidman explained how his films tend to go to very sexual places. But the actor claimed that these types of scenes usually serve an essential narrative purpose.

“I’m not ready to do it willy-nilly,” Kidman said. “But if there’s a reason for that… I’ve always said that [s-x] is a very important bond between human beings. Why don’t you portray it on screen? »

But throughout his career, Kidman discovered that filmmakers didn’t always want to shoot love scenes for the sake of the story. When such a situation occurs, it can lead to an unpleasant experience for everyone involved.

Why Aaron Sorkin refused to write a love scene for Nicole Kidman

Aaron Sorkin is one of Hollywood’s most prolific screenwriters. But he didn’t always have the influence on the film industry that he has today. In a film he wrote as a young man, director Harold Becker wanted Sorkin to write a graphic love scene. Sorkin obliged the director.

“Early on in my career, I wrote a movie that I’m not very proud of at all, it turned into a mess,” Sorkin told USA Today. “Alec Baldwin and Nicole Kidman were in it. The director, very close to the start of the cinematography, decided we were missing a love scene between Alec and Nicole.

But the scene written by Sorkin was not up to the filmmaker’s standards.

“I went back to the hotel and wrote like four pages of jokes that ended with them falling in bed and we cut to the next day,” Sorkin continued. “Harold Becker said, ‘No, no, no, you have to write the scene. “”

Sorkin wasn’t sure what Becker wanted.

“I hadn’t written much at the time, I had only written A Few Good Men. And I said, ‘Boy, what exactly do you mean?’ And he said, “Look, it’s easy, just go back to your hotel and write down what you’d like to see Nicole Kidman do,” Sorkin recalled.

The social network writer was shocked by the request.

“I said, ‘Are you crazy?’ “, he recalls.

Sorkin quickly walked away from the stage. But Becker still followed the take with Kidman and Baldwin.

“It happened. It’s a terrible scene,” Sorkin said.

Aaron Sorkin believed in Nicole Kidman in ‘Being the Ricardos’ when Nicole Kidman didn’t believe in herself

Aaron Sorkin and Nicole Kidman are reportedly working together again for the hit Amazon Prime movie, Being the Ricardos. When it was announced that Sorkin had cast Kidman in the lead role of Lucille Ball, she received backlash for the casting. This soured Kidman’s initial enthusiasm for the role.

“I said yes to the role. I was then like, ‘Oh my God, maybe I’m not right,’” Kidman said according to The Indian Express. “Sorkin just believed in me even when I didn’t believe in myself.”

Sorkin was also convinced that Kidman was more than skilled enough to surprise her vocal critics.

“I’m sure when people see the movie, they’ll come away feeling that Nicole defended herself very strongly, but on top of that, I found that you can really take advantage of low expectations,” Sorkin told Hollywood Report. “I learned that with The Social Network.”

Her faith in Kidman has recently paid off for the actor, as she recently won a Golden Globe for her performance as Lucy.


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