Who was Suzanne Whang? Cause of Death!

Suzanne whang, a Korean-American personality with multiple talents and multiple experiences, was popularly known among people as the long-running host of the series, "House Hunters," who presented the show for nine long years. Whang was a television host, actress, comedian, radio host and American producer who He had been providing a great contribution to Hollywood for a long time.

Whang was also a minister, writer, author and political activist. However, on September 17, 2019, Hollywood had a great loss when Whang passed away after fighting cancer for 13 long years. Whang was 56 when he took his last breath even fighting for his life for more than a decade.

Who was Suzanne Whang? Cause of death!

Suzanne Whang was a popular celebrity who had been active in various sectors, including the political field and the entertainment field for the past few years. Whang was best known for her performance as the host of the HGTV series, "House Hunters."

Whang even wrote a book entitled, "Suzanne Whang’s Guide to Happy" about their life experiences after having fully recovered from stage 4 breast cancer.

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Suzanne Whang's career

Whang made her first television debut through the FX program, "Breakfast Time" as "Road Warrior" in 1990. She later co-hosted the network's "Pet Department." Whang also had a recurring role in the NBC drama, "Las Vegas" as spa manager, Polly Chae for four seasons.

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Whang, being one of the best hosts, had been presenting the long-term series "House Hunters" from 1999 for nine long years until 2007 aired on Home and Garden Television. Whang made her revolutionary career after she did the show, as she is known as the presenter of the show even after his death. Whang also played Divina, the maid of the television comedy Here TV, "From Here on OUT."

Whang also made a special appearance on "Criminal Minds" in an episode, "Poison" as a local television reporter. She also appeared as the wedding organizer of Brenda Barret in the television series "General Hospital" in January 2011.

In November 2011, Whang became the cast member of a storytelling event, "Don't Tell My Mother," where celebrities shared their true story that they would never want their mother to discover.

Throughout his career, Whang received awards and honors, including the "Best Comedian Award" at the Las Vegas Comedy Festival, the "Andy Kaufman Award." Suzanne Whang had a well-managed luxurious lifestyle as she had an estimated net worth of $ 5 million.

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Suzanne Whang Death: Cause of Death?

Suzanne Whang died Tuesday night, September 17, 2019, at her home in Los Angeles at 7:20 p.m. after she fought cancer for 13 long years. Whang had been diagnosed with breast cancer 13 years ago when he was 43 years old in 2006. Whang couldn't fight cancer anymore and left the world with all his good deeds.

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Whang also had a tumor in his chest, as he had shared an image of his bare chest that showed a large tumor in the center and a scar from his previous surgery. He had even dressed his tumor with red lips and bulging eyes so that it looked more like a part of his body so as not to feel bad.

Her husband, Jeff Vezain, was next to Whang at the time of his last breath holding his hands. Jeff had always supported Whang in all sectors, even during his fight against cancer, he encouraged her to deal with courage and determination.

Jeff even posted a post on Facebook, "Whang always faced the caner with courage, humor, determination and optimism."

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Was Suzanne Whang married? Husband!

Suzanne Whang was married twice throughout her life. Whang was previously married to Michael Free, however, their relationship could not last long and they ended so soon.

Whang then married her longtime boyfriend, Jay Nickerson. Whang married Nickerson on October 19, 2013, at The Church of St. Paul and St. Andrew in Manhattan. However, they divorced in 2015.

Just before her death, she was in a love relationship with Jeff Vezain. Vezain is a musician from Ottawa, Illinois. Vezain and Whang dated for more than four years, but they couldn't spend more time together.

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Whang had a total of two children from their marriages.

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Suzanne Whang Biography

Suzanne Whang was born on September 28, 1962 in Arlington, Virginia, United States. Whang belonged to the Korean-American ethnic group. Whang was 56 when he died on September 17, 2019.

Whang is the daughter of Ben Whang and Young Bo Whang. Suzanne Whang was a beautiful lady who had a clear complexion with a bright smile on her smile. Whang had black hair and brown and small eyes. Whang was 5 feet tall. 4 inches (1.63 m) and a body weight of 62 kg.

Whang completed his first education at Yale University graduating with a B.A. in psychology and later graduated from Brown University with an M.Sc. Degree in Cognitive Psychology.

After graduating, he went to Los Angeles in 1988 to begin his career in the entertainment world.

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