This is Why Melania Rarely Smiles in the Presence of Donald Trump

Here’s why Melania rarely smiles around Donald Trump

Donald and his wife Melania Trump are often in the spotlight and criticism is usually directed at them. This time, the first lady has come under fire for her facial expression during appearances with her husband, the president. She often has a stern look on her face, and people have started to wonder why? An expert thinks he has the answer.

Now, what’s surprising about the situation is that Melania smiles a lot when she’s doing what she loves. When she attends her Be Best initiative, she is always seen with a broad smile. But, when she is in the company of POTUS, she seems angry. According to CNN reporter Kate Bennett, it all has to do with her legacy. As you know, the first lady is of Slovenian origin.

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In his home country of Slovenia, people don’t fake smiles. It’s not in their nature. Melania only does what is implemented in her during her childhood in Slovenia.

Ms. Bennett is the author of the book Free Melania, so she knows what she’s talking about. Smiling just to smile isn’t something Melania would do, according to Bennett. She never pretended to smile. Not during the campaign, not even when she became first lady.

Most people believe that something is wrong with Melania Trump and she has anger issues. In most of her appearances alongside the president, as part of her official duties, she maintains a serious attitude. People who see her that way don’t understand her Slovenian roots. No wonder as she is the first lady to be born overseas in recent memory.

If we sometimes see her smiling in the company of her husband, it’s because she wants to. She will always do whatever she wants depending on her mood. If she feels like it, she will smile, but if not, there will be a stern look on her face. What you won’t see is an insincere smile.

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It’s just not in his nature.

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