They almost made it to marriage! This was the love story of Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande

They are almost at the wedding! It was the love story of Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande

The singer has accumulated a lot of fame for her music, but also for her love decisions

After Mac Miller, Pete Davidson is arguably Ariana Grande’s most popular ex-boyfriend. And it is that not only did they really last very little, but they even committed themselves. Believe it or not, the couple probably first clicked in 2016, but it would be two years before they started falling in love.

Their love story was short but passionate. And even though they were supposed to be very much in love, they didn’t end on good terms. Do you already know all the details? Things between Grande and Davidson escalated very quickly in no time.

Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande: Their love story

The first time Ariana Grande and Peter Davidson met was when Davidson appeared in Grande’s opening monologue on the March 12, 2016 episode of Saturday Night Live. Could they have met before? Sure. However, this was the first documented point of contact.

We don’t know if there were any sparks or not that night, but Grande and Davidson were in relationships with other people at the time, and the two will remain in those relationships until May 2018.

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On May 18, 2018, Bossip was the first to report that Grande and Davidson were dating. The world was, well, shocked. They didn’t exactly seem like the most interesting couple, but oh, how wrong we were all.

Fans on Twitter went crazy trying to get information on whether the rumor was true or not. But it didn’t take long for the couple to confirm their relationship. On May 30, David posted a photo with Grande of them dressed as Harry Potter.

This photo was only the first of a long series shared by David and Ariana as a couple. However, all of them have already been deleted from their accounts.

On June 11, after a few weeks of dating, Us Weekly reported that Grande and Davidson got engaged. They were in no rush to get married, but they were eager to get engaged. And soon after, the media started to confirm the rumors.

Pete Davidson has confirmed his engagement to Jimmy Fallon. And when asked about it, he romantically said, “I feel like I won a contest. I love it, Jimmy.”

There were rumors that Ari was pregnant, but she was just showing the great love she shared with her fiancé. She even got a tattoo honoring Pete’s dad.

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His foot was tattooed with the number “8148”, the tag Pete’s father, Scott Davidson, wore when he was a firefighter. Scott died in the 9/11 attacks and Pete also has a similar tattoo of his father’s license plate numbers.

And, as if that weren’t enough, he also got his name tattooed on one of his left hand fingers, where he also showed off his engagement ring.

Ari was so in love, she even had him autograph a song: “pete davidson”. “I love the way she looks, I love her name, and I love her. Music lasts forever, it will outlive any tattoo, any memory, anything, even me, so I want let my love for him and how I feel be part of it.” of that”.

For his part, Pete also got a tattoo in honor of Ariana. They toured together, and even their families talked about the couple with joy and enthusiasm. Grande then confirmed that after her marriage, her name would be Ariana Grande-Davidson.

When Ari’s ex Mac Miller passed away, the couple went into hiding from social media. They skipped the Emmys and slowed down their relationship.

And finally, after 5 months of relationship, on October 14, 2018, Ariana and Pete decided to separate. TMZ was first to report their breakup as they really accelerated their relationship, which ended up affecting them.

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In the days that followed, Ariana had to cancel a concert, return her ring, and before long the singer was sharing happy photos of herself on Instagram. On October 20, Pete comically confirmed the split.

Ari’s family accepted this decision, and since they got engaged so quickly, they didn’t even have time to plan a wedding (thankfully). Right away, the 2 started hiding and replacing their love tattoos.

Rumor has it that when the couple broke up, they agreed not to discuss their relationship with the public. And Pete just couldn’t keep quiet. At first he said nice things about him, but over time that changed.

Shortly after, Ariana Grande released her own song, “Thank u next,” and Pete didn’t take it well at all. Luckily, he started dating actress Kate Beckinsale, so he didn’t have time to talk about it. Hopefully the next time they get engaged there will be a wedding.

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