The last change of look of Miley Cyrus is only suitable for daring

Miley Cyrus’ Latest Look Change Is Only For The Bold

The singer, a fan of experimenting with her hair, opts this time for platinum blonde in combination with her already iconic “wolf cut”

Some choose the brown shade; others, the blonde… The fact is that September is, for many, the month of debuts and this also implies the changes of look with which to start the new fresh and renewed journey. That’s almost certainly why you keep seeing your favorite celebrities uploading their new beauty proposals to their social media. One of the last to join the club? Miley Cyrus with a new platinum blonde hair, a very risky one that she has already worn on other occasions.

Miley Cyrus' Latest Look Change Is Only For The Bold

Miley Cyrus returns to platinum blonde in the form of a “wolf cut”

Of all the celebrities out there, Miley Cyrus is probably the one who has changed her hairstyle the most times over the years. And it’s that her natural brown hair didn’t last long… Since she became famous with Hannah Montana, the singer hasn’t stopped showing that she likes to experiment with changes of look. So much so that in full confinement, she herself dared to cut her hair in the purest shaggy style. A few months later, she turned it into the most controversial wolf cut. Cut that she maintains today, this time by changing the neutral blonde for more eighties platinum.

Miley Cyrus' Latest Look Change Is Only For The Bold

Prior to that, in late 2019, the actress and singer wore her Hannah Montana mane instead, a natural-looking golden blonde, below-the-shoulder cut, and straight, relaxed bangs. Aesthetics that she did not last long since she suddenly decided to bet on looks that she had never worn. And yes, the wolf cut and platinum blonde are two of her big milestones in terms of beauty. What will be next? Place your bets!


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