Spenser Confidential: A Big Promise, An Average Offering

Spenser confidential

With more than little cause for concern in the West, the corona virus has an obvious impact on the economy. Since large gatherings are considered bedding for the virus, cinemas would be severely affected. The 007 franchise has already postponed Daniel Craig’s last appearance as James Bond in “No Time To Die”, which is billed for April through November. You didn’t mention Convid-19, but you didn’t have to – we know the handwriting on the wall. Streaming companies like Netflix will benefit if the virus becomes a ravishing pandemic and countries like northern Italy, South Korea, and China are banned. The quality of shows on Netflix is ​​the main problem, but it’s one that their subscribers agree with. And what if the going gets tough, we have to reduce our standard to fit. The film “Spenser Confidential” is about to be enjoyed with cinematic excellence and reduce your standard.

Directed by Peter Berg, the film Mark Wahlberg plays the title role and marks the fifth collaboration between the duo. According to people who would know, they say that the film is “very loosely based on Ace Atkins’ novel” Wonderland “”. Sean O’Keefe and Brian Helgeland wrote the script, while Wahlberg and Berg produced together with Neal H. Moritz. The cast and crew as well as the first scene promised a lot.

The film is about a policeman who had fallen out of favor with the Boston police department for being beaten against his corrupt captain. He went to prison for five years. When Mark Wahlberg’s character comes out of prison, he decides to start a new life, far from Boston. He enrolls in a truck driving school. But things are happening quickly. The captain played by Michael Gaston is beheaded on the night of Spencer’s release. Spenser is the suspect, but not for long. A black officer, Terrence Graham, who was murdered the same day, is held responsible for the murder and classified as suicide.

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Spenser watches Terrence’s widow cry on TV and says it is impossible that her husband did something so terrible and he would not kill himself and just leave his son like that. This is common sense, but to ensure that the film runs as the authors want it, nobody pays attention to it. If this were real life, the media wouldn’t let it go; They pounded and asked for answers, and the police were not satisfied with one man doing the entire execution – they were looking for his accomplices and why. Of course, the entire police force cannot be corrupt. In this case, the state police can be involved. Private investigators, an ad hoc committee, full treatment.

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But we don’t see any of it because it doesn’t make sense to them. The film has no interest in imitating real life if imagination can sell. Instead, we see the corrupt captain receive a city burial with 21 cannon greetings, endless columns of cars, and the mayor and perhaps the Massachusetts and Trump governors in attendance. In contrast, the framed officer receives a quiet funeral in the church, with Spenser being the only outsider present.

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The fighting, the persecution, the investigation

Spenser is recruiting his new roommate Hulk, an amateur kickboxer Winston Duke, to help him solve the case. Wherever Spenser enters, he is beaten up and thrown out by the police, who hates him for hitting his captain, but really because he did pop-nosing. Or it is torn or almost torn apart by an angry dog ​​because of trespassing. Or thugs come up to him in a Mexican restaurant. The fight scenes were average when Spenser got so many bailouts from his buddy Hulk at the last minute.

There is no major investigation as police corruption is less of a hidden story. The press knows about it. A reporter in particular has followed the story, but has not published it because it is marked as a fake story. He even has a video in which the police brutally lynches a human rights activist, Gloria Wisnewski. But he will not submit this video evidence because it is said to be treated. These are bulls, of course, but that’s what the authors want. It turns out that the framed Terrence was murdered and carried a wire before his death. Those who murdered him were unable to grab the wire and only later arbitrarily searched for it. The wire is with Terrence’s widow, but somehow she refuses to listen to him.

Spenser brings the wire to the FBI and they say there isn’t enough evidence. People have been jailed for evidence as simple as the Calibri MS Word font, but this is a film in which audio and video don’t count. The director lived up to the 1 hour 40 minute mark; he let the film dissolve. It will be overly tough to call the end anti-climatic, but it has no claim to climax. The fact that Spenser does not arrest his former partner, who turns out to be the ring leader in the police arm of the drug ring, but empties his bullet gun and says we should fight is a source of irritation.

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Will there be Spencer Confidential 2?

The answer should be an angry “Why should it be?” His. However, this is not considered objective. This film was supposed to be an action comedy, but it wasn’t funny. It was supposed to be a crime thriller, but the crime solved itself without its protagonists’ earth-shattering investigative results – the only comedic scenario stems from the cluelessness of the FBI agents in the film. Tag team films can even do without a plot, aided by the fireworks of its characters, as we saw with Hobbs and Shaw. Hulk and Spenser are not spectacular.

There would be “Spenser Confidential” 2 because it is Netflix and because it is the age of the franchise. I remember seeing and hating “6 Underground”, but even the film has more claim on a franchise than “Spenser Confidential”. The film “Spenser Confidential” did not speak out for a second part. At the end of the film, someone is arrested for “church fire” and cries out to his lungs that he is innocent and needs help. We see Spenser’s eyes narrow and we are sure that he will kick his ass to solve this problem in the next series.

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