Silvester Stallone got Sharon Stone drunk to shoot s-x scene in ‘The Specialist’

Silvester Stallone got Sharon Stone drunk to shoot sex scene in ‘The Specialist’

Well known for her body and the intimate scenes she’s done, the actress said she was “fed up with the n-dity”. To get around, Stallone gave him vodka.

When we think of Sharon Stone, now 61, it is inevitable to remember the most erotic or provocative scenes she has ever done in cinema. One of the big culprits is the infamous crossing of the legs in “Fatal Instinct.”

But these scenes weren’t always done willingly or welcomed by the actress. This was the case of the sx scene that she had to play with actor Silvester Stallone, in the film “The Specialist”, of 1994. Sharon Stone refused to record this scene on the pretext that “she was fed up from n-dity”.

Pressed by the production, and with the help of Stallone, the actress agreed to do the scene. Help was limited to a few glasses of vodka. “We got on set and she decided she didn’t want to get naked. The director asked most of the crew to leave the room, but she kept refusing to take them off. If I I had already promised, I wouldn’t cross the line with her, what was the problem?

Silvester Stallone got Sharon Stone drunk to shoot a sex scene in

She said she was sick of the n-dity and I told her to be sick of the n-dity in someone else’s movie. When she wasn’t convinced, I went to my dressing room to get a Black Death vodka that Michael Douglas had given me. a few drinks, we were really excited,” the actor told the “Ain’t it Cool” site.

This difficulty in convincing Sharon Stone to record resulted in an approximately three-minute sex scene, which critics found very weak.

“The scene is so produced that the sx has never seemed so vulgar and so uns-xy. A monument to the anticlimax. It’s two people disconnected because they’re too focused on themselves,” was the description. from “Entertainment Weekly”. The Independent described the scene as follows: “The odd way Stallone strokes Stone’s head, with his arm outstretched behind him, moving his hair with the palm of his hand, while gazing distractedly ahead of him, is the way a man caresses his cat, while he thinks of other more important things.”

The film directed by Luis Llosa, who also directed “Anaconda”, has a rating of 5.5 out of 10 on iMDB, and has received numerous awards, all negative. This was the case with the trophies of the worst actress, the worst actor and the worst couple of the scene.


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