SEVEN Celebrities Who Are Proud Of Their ‘Normal’ Bodies

It’s no secret that Hollywood beauty standards are ridiculously high. From their (virtually) incredibly low body fat to their chiseled abs and tiny waists, A-listers often make us crave food with shame. Unless you have a personal trainer and/or an entire beauty team, who can achieve this level of perfection?

Fortunately, among the many stars we have in front of us, there are those who have found fame and fortune with more “normal” bodies. Keep reading for a list of 7 celebrities who celebrate their curves and cellulite!

In addition to her unique voice, the singer Billie Eilish is known for her eclectic sense of style. The 18-year-old often prefers baggy clothes, so when she was spotted in a tank top, fans had a lot to say. “In 10 months, Billie Eilish developed a mid 30s wine mom body,” one person wrote on Twitter.

But Billie clapped back at the haters as she shared influencer Chizi Duru’s video on her Instagram story to get her point across. “You’re going to start normalizing normal bodies, okay?” Chizi urged her followers. “Not everyone has a cart behind them, okay? The guts are normal. They are normal. Breasts sag…especially after breastfeeding. Instagram is not real!

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Preach, my daughter.


Actress Jennifer Lawrence was honest that dieting “just isn’t for her.” Rather than starve to death, she hopes society will change its perspective and embrace a more “normal” body type.

When the star was filming The Hunger Games, she was adamant that she wasn’t going to go hungry. “I don’t want little girls to be like, ‘Oh, I want to look like Katniss, so I’m going to skip dinner,'” she told Vogue. looking fit and strong – not thin and undernourished.”


Ariel Winter is another actress who celebrates her curves. Despite being the victim of body shaming, the Modern Family star has now reached a point in her career where she realizes that maintaining her own happiness is more important than trying to please others.

We think she is beautiful, both inside and out.

Model Kate Upton may have graced the cover of Sports Illustrated, but she still struggles with body image, just like the rest of us. Kate is known for her curves and has faced intense media scrutiny over whether she is “fat” or not.

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We appreciate that she sets a positive standard for young girls by adopting her natural form.

Since Hilary Duf was just a teenager (and played the adorable character Lizzie McGuire on the Disney Channel), she faced intense scrutiny. Although she is beautiful and slim, she has never been skinny. That’s why we love that she took to Instagram a few years ago with a photo in a swimsuit exposing her cellulite.


In the caption, Hilary wrote that her body “is healthy and getting me where I need to go. Ladies, let’s stop wasting precious time in the day wishing we were different, better and flawless.”

There is no doubt Rihanna is wonderful. But in recent years, the singer and Fenty Beauty mogul has dubbed herself “thicc.”


She has curvy hips and thighs and always looks good whether she’s wearing her own lingerie or strutting around in a new streetwear look.

After Chrissy Teigen took a step back from the modeling world and gave birth to two beautiful children with her husband John Legend, her body has changed. She has more cellulite and bigger hips than she did in the runway days – and that’s perfectly normal!

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She is still beautiful and continues to build a successful career. In fact, all of these ladies are.

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