Sandra Bullock remembered the embarrassing n-de scene she filmed with Ryan Reynolds

Sandra Bullock remembered the embarrassing n-de scene she filmed with Ryan Reynolds

The actress recalled filming a scene from the romantic comedy The Proposal

In 2009, Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds starred in the romantic comedy The Proposal, one of Hollywood’s latest bets in the genre. Led by Anne Fletcher, the actors had already known each other from an early age, so shooting some spicy scenes made them very happy. In this sense, the actress remembered a funny anecdote during an interview.

In one part of the film, Bullock’s character -Margaret Tate- finishes showering and while trying to find a towel accidentally bumps into Andrew Paxton -played by Reynolds-, who is also n-ked because he was just going for a swim. . The actress recalled the sequence during the podcast About Last Night con Adam Ray and he assured that if the scene is funny, the story of the shooting is even better.

The Oscar-winning actor revealed that they’ve known Reynolds since before they were teenagers and therefore didn’t dare look n-ked at him: “Anne, our director who is just amazing, did a closed set, which means no one was allowed to be there, just essential staff and makeup artists Ryan and I had these flesh-colored things stuck to our private parts, my hair was strategically placed and Ryan’s boyfriend, well not so small at all, although I don’t know why I didn’t dare to look… “Bullock started with a laugh.

“The thing is, when they said ‘cut’, we really couldn’t move. He was on his back with his knees up and I was on the floor leaning on his knees waiting and didn’t want to look because we couldn’t move yet. So at that moment, I heard the headmistress’ voice in the dark, saying, “Ryan, we can see you all from here” and I was like… “Oh my God!” Because I didn’t want to look at it.

At the time, Bullock was grateful that Ryan Reynolds was his friend because otherwise the situation would have been really awkward: “It was with a friend I trusted and in an environment in which I felt safe.”

Despite the mishap, the actress assured that everything was still very fun and that the scene lived up to their expectations. “I thought I would only do this sequence if it could be fun. You’re not going to see me trying to be sexy in real life or on screen. I was encouraged to do it just because my companion was a friend who gave me confidence as well as the director, Anne, offered me security”, he concluded.


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