Salma Hayek Wardrobe Malfunction See Marilyn Monroe Moment Expose N-ked Butt, Push-Up Br@ Of Actress!

Salma Hayek suffered a wardrobe malfunction on the set of her new movie ‘How To Make Love Like An Englishman’. The 47-year-old showed off some mega cleavage action in a s-xy push-up bra that enhanced her features. Her assets were out in the open while filming this feature tucked into a black and white checkered bra top with a white shirt tied at the waist preventing them from coming off.

The actress finished her look with a black skirt, black boots and a chic black hat and sunglasses to shield herself from the California sun. The malfunction occurred while Hayek was filming a scene and a gust of wind exposed his behind leaving nothing to the imagination. Salma appeared to be wearing no underwear and what looked like a maxi pad was hanging down ready to come off.

Salma’s butt has been exposed, but it was revealed earlier this month that she will be joining Pierce Brosnan and Jessica Alba in this new film. The Tom Vaughan-directed film (“What Happens In Vegas”) is a romantic comedy written by Matthew Newman. Brosnan plays a Cambridge University professor who finds a woman (Hayek) who is his perfect match,” according to Deadline. This later forces Brosnan’s character to re-evaluate his hedonistic life after he impregnates his graduate student stepsister. , played by Alba.

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Producer Beau St. Clair said 40% of the film will be shot in Malibu. “It’s set in Los Angeles, so we shot it in Los Angeles,” Brosnan’s Irish Dreamtime producing partner told Variety. “We could have saved money if we had shot in New Orleans or Wilmington, but it wouldn’t have felt like LA. So we thought it was best to work on a lean budget and shoot here in instead of trying to pretend Vancouver.

Exposing the cleavage isn’t Salma’s usual style and these images are the opposite of what she wore during Paris Fashion Week in September. Salma Hayek is a fashion fan and is married to François-Henri Pinault, chairman of Kering, a company that develops a global portfolio of luxury brands like Gucci, Stella McCartney, Alexander McQueen and Balenciaga.

The actress looked stunning in her black and white ensemble which she paired with some particularly bizarre accessories. Her wide-brimmed black sunglasses with a white trim looked cartoonish in the photos and it looks like someone juxtaposed them on her face in Photoshop. To complete her look, she wore an open toe sandal and a simple hairstyle so as not to detract from her fabulous outfit. Other famous attendees at the Balenciaga fashion show were MIA and Anna Wintour who sat next to a couple in the front row.

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