Salma Gives Pierce a Woody Problem After The Sunset (2004)

Salma Gives Pierce a Woody Problem After Sundown (2004)

‘After the Sunset’ feels like someone watched Pierce Brosnan in ‘The Thomas Crown Affair’ and enjoyed seeing him play as**y, a charismatic thief and decided he would be perfect for a role similar but in an as**y comedy. And if so, they were right because “After the Sunset” is a fun comedy that sees Brosnan play another master thief aided by a smoking hot partner in Salma Hayek. It’s s**y, clever, with great action and while not the most deceptive of storylines, it’s put together well as it also incorporates elements of being a Friends movie at the same time.

After once again outwitting FBI agent Stan Lloyd (Woody Harrelson – Anger Management) by stealing a diamond from under his nose, master thief Max Burdett (Pierce Brosnan – Dia Another Day) and his sexy partner Lola Cirillo ( Salma Hayek – Wild Wild West) retire to a quiet life on a tropical island. Except Max finds retirement boring and Lloyd shows up and makes it clear he thinks Max is planning to steal a diamond from a soon to be docked cruise liner, temptation arises. The trouble is that Lola has had enough; she wants to settle down with Max and certainly doesn’t want him to go back to his old ways.

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After a fun intro that sees Max and Lola not only steal a diamond from under Agent Lloyd’s nose, but also establish that they’re hot lovers, we come to the main storyline which is retirement and Max grappling with a life. You’re welcome. To be fair, the storyline of “After the Sunset” seems generic, various shots came together nicely to create a fun story that at various points sees Lola upset by Max, Max becoming unlikely friends with Lloyd as well as various double crosses . None of this is new, every element has been done before and often more memorably, but they all come together nicely.

It’s good because it’s fun, the initial flight is fun as Max outwits Lloyd and when Max and Lola get into it, it’s also fun. The fun continues with Max disliking juice cocktails with umbrellas at Lola desperately trying to keep busy in order to distract herself from the return to crime. Everything about “After the Sunset” is fun even when we meet local cop Sophie as she busts her balls, literally. But again, it’s not a memorable pleasure; just fun that will make you smile in the moment.

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The smile is what you’ll do with the performances because Pierce Brosnan and Salma Hayek work well together as a couple, the kiss is both hot and sexy and comedic and when they both activate the crime skills it’s always fun. Fun is the word for Woody Harrelson as FBI Agent Stan Lloyd, a bit of a generic but entertaining klutz. The trio work well with Naomie Harris adding a **y fourth as Sophie the Island Cop.

It all boils down to the fact that “After the Sunset” is a fun detective caper that mixes smart action with s*** comedy nicely. It’s generic and not the least bit memorable, but for 97 minutes it will entertain you with a fun crime comedy.

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