Rebecca Pritzard

Biography of Rebecca Pritchard

Rebecca Pritchard is the co-host of the Quest TV show, Salvage Hunters, which debuted on January 12, 2012. She is co-hosting with her ex-husband Drew Pritchard. Her show is based on a team of experts who are exploring the country for hidden treasures. Rebecca’s task is to inspire the decorations that Mr. Pritchard brings from his extensive adventures.

The show is broadcast on Quest TV in only two countries. the United Kingdom and Ireland. However, the Discovery Channel broadcasts the program in other countries. He also appeared on Netflix for some time. Ms. Pritchard began her career as a women in business fashion, where she worked in wholesale and retail chains in the United Kingdom and Hong Kong. This business started well for almost twenty years. Rebecca also worked as a real estate developer in North Wales, where she negotiated many homes, ran camping and holiday businesses. She is in the same period that she met her ex-husband, Mr. Drew Pritchard.

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Rebecca Pritzard Age

Mrs. Pritchard was born in February 1958 in the UK. She is 61 years old from 2019. Her birth name is Rebecca Jane.

Rebecca Pritchard Wife

She married her co-owner in the Antique Quest rehabilitation program, Dur Pritchard until 2017, when the tug was divorced. However, they have remained good friends even after the divorce. In addition, they have remained to work together.

Rebecca Prit Guys

There was no clear information about her children. However, her previous relationship with Drew is believed to have resulted in many children. However, there are no exact details for the children.

Rebecca Pritzard Networth

Networth and her salary are under consideration. However, the star is believed to have amassed considerable wealth as it has flourished in the industry for more than two decades now. We will update the information as soon as possible. You can always feel free to join us for sharing additional information or any other issues you may find on our site.

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