Prince Harry’s Antics for King Charles’ Attention

Experts say Prince Harry’s recent behavior may have been a ploy to get the attention of his father, King Charles. Body language expert Judi James offered her take on the matter in an interview with Express UK.

James pointed out that in the first photos of Prince Harry with his parents, he was mainly seen with his mother, who showered him with hugs and hugs. However, after Princess Diana’s death, photos have emerged of a playful and affectionate relationship between Prince Charles and his two sons, including on ski trips.

During this time, Harry often used teasing and playful banter to get his father’s attention, as he missed the open affection he had received from his mother.

Although the photos may not have captured the whole story, Prince Harry and Prince William were often the ones to initiate the hugs and encourage their father to show affection for the cameras. Despite this, Prince Charles has always responded with warmth and affection for his sons.

While there have been signs of tension between father and son lately, such as Prince Harry’s decision to step back from royal duties and move to the United States, there have also been moments of warmth and pride between them. For example, Prince Charles was seen beaming with pride as he walked Meghan Markle down the aisle on her wedding day.


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