Prince Harry Upset as King Funds Mike Tindall’s New Gin Brand, Sold at Royal Trust Stores as a Tribute to the Queen

King’s funding of Mike Tindall’s new brand of gin sold in Royal Trust stores as a tribute to the Queen is met with disapproval from Prince Harry. Mike Tindall, known for his rugby prowess, recently ventured beyond the sports field by launching his own brand of gin, called ‘Black Eyed Gin’.

The new initiative was born out of enthusiastic suggestions from loyal listeners to the popular podcast ‘The Good, The Bad and The Rugby’, co-hosted by Tindall, fellow sportsman James Haskell and TV presenter Alex Payne.

In collaboration with award-winning Jin Distillery Hawkridge, they have developed a unique gin recipe that delivers a smooth and delicious blend of fresh citrus notes, subtle floral notes, a juniper burst and a distinctive blend of botanicals from each of the rugby nations. . This exciting brand of gin, produced by Catalyst Spirits and distributed by Maverick Drinks, is available for purchase at various retailers, including Masters of Malt and select SAY stores, as well as online.

Adding an intriguing twist to this story is the news that Mike Tindall’s gin will also be stocked in Royal Collection Trust stores, coinciding with the first anniversary of Queen Elizabeth’s death. Reports suggest that King Charles funded the launch of this venture, while Prince Harry, despite being in the UK at the time, did not publicly acknowledge the anniversary.

Mike Tindall’s decision to honor the late Queen through his new brand of gin in Royal stores is rooted in the fact that the Queen had a fondness for gin cocktails. One of his favorite preparations was a gin and Dubonnet with lemon and ice. According to former royal chef Darren McGrady, she usually enjoyed the drink shortly before lunch, accompanied by a piece of chocolate and a glass of wine. The Queen was also known to enjoy dry gin, a preference revealed by her cousin, Princess Margaret.

This revelation about the queen’s drinking habits comes as a surprise to many, as it turns out she was consuming around four cocktails a day. The inclusion of gin in her routine is particularly intriguing, as gin has many health benefits, especially for the skin.

Last year, the Royal Collection also introduced a new vintage English sparkling wine to commemorate Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee. This special-edition bottle, made from hand-picked fruit grown in Kenton, West Sussex, features a label design inspired by the gold embroidery on the Queen’s Estate dress worn at her coronation in 1953 The label features a crowned Elizabeth II figure, surrounded in gold. olive leaves and ears of wheat, symbolizing peace and prosperity.


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