Prince Harry Left Disappointed as Meghan Markle Declines Return from Africa Trip

Recently, Prince Harry found himself at the center of criticism during his trip to Nigeria alongside Meghan Markle. While promoting the Invictus Games, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex faced scrutiny for their behavior, with some commenters calling Harry’s actions “laughable.”

During a visit to Nigeria’s defense headquarters in Abuja, Harry stood at attention during the national anthem, drawing sharp criticism from royal critic Morin Callahan. Callahan argued that Harry’s gesture seemed inappropriate given that he had given up many of his royal titles and honors after stepping down from royal duties in 2020. Callahan’s remarks implied that Harry and Meghan appeared to be clinging to their royal status despite their decision to distance themselves. themselves from the monarchy in recent years.

Additionally, Meghan raised eyebrows with a particular anecdote about her daughter, Lilibet, during a visit to a school supported by the Arul Foundation. While speaking to students, Meghan told a story about Lilibet pretending to see herself in her mother’s reflection, a story that some found questionable given Lilibet’s young age.

Criticism also extended to Harry’s decision to inspect troops, a move some considered inappropriate given his lack of current military titles. Despite this, some fans defended the couple’s actions, pointing out Harry’s past military service and expressing support for their efforts.

Ultimately, Harry’s trip to Nigeria sparked debate over his and Meghan’s continued association with royal traditions despite their departure from official royal duties. As they navigate their post-royal lives, their actions continue to attract attention from critics and supporters.


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