Prince Harry is reaching out to William’s wife Kate Middleton for help because

Prince Harry: Prince Harry has contacted Kate Middleton and pleaded for her help with the peace talks.

Prince Harry has reportedly contacted Kate Middleton for help reconciling with King Charles, Prince William and other senior royals. The Closer UK report says Kate Middleton is the only person Royal Prince Harry has spoken to since tensions between him and the royal family deteriorated ahead of the publication of his memoir in January next year.

Prince Harry reached out to Kate Middleton and pleaded for her help with the peace talks after her memoir Spare and Netflix docuseries were announced, according to the report.

“Prince Harry feels uncomfortable with the way everything is going with the release of his memoir, as well as the upcoming docuseries linked to ‘The Crown’. Kate is the only royal he speaks with in time, and he begged her to help him organize peace talks,” the report said.

Prince Harry wanted Kate Middleton’s help amid earlier reports saying Kate Middleton was “very optimistic” about their reconciliation.

Earlier, a report claimed that the late Queen Elizabeth II’s lady-in-waiting said Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding would end in tears. Lady Susan Hussey, who has spent more than six decades of her life in royal service, has offered personal insight into Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s relationship.


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