President Trump Insists He Didn’t Call His Daughter Fat

President Trump insists he didn’t call his daughter fat

Tiffany Trump is living her best life. The law student spends much of her free time traveling around the world and sharing photos from her travels. Luckily, as a couple, the 24-year-old student has mostly dodged the spotlight, but her name popped up in the news this week, attached to hurtful comments her father allegedly made about her. What exactly happened and what is young Trump’s relationship with her father like?

Bizarre details about the president’s relationship with his children leaked

Madeline Westerhout is unemployed. President Donald Trump’s former personal assistant sat down to dinner with members of the press last week. Over dinner, she leaked inside information about the president and his relationship with his children. More importantly, she dropped some secrets about the relationship between President Trump and his youngest daughter, Tiffany Trump.

According to Politico, Westerhout told reporters the president didn’t like taking pictures with Trump’s youngest daughter because he thought she was overweight. She also suggested that the president would be unable to choose his daughter from a crowd. She went on to allege that her relationship with the president was stronger than the relationship he had with his two daughters.

Westerhout was quickly fired from her post and ousted from the White House. Although the president was apparently unimpressed by his mistake, he took to Twitter to respond to what was said and how Westerhout was treated following the breach.

President Trump insists he didn’t call his daughter fat

The president, for his part, was relatively candid about what happened at the informal dinner. He is apparently indifferent to any of this, and although he denies any suggestion that his daughter is fat, he continued to praise Westerhout for the work she did while working under her.

Although Madeleine Westerhout has a fully enforceable confidentiality agreement, she is a very good person and I don’t think there would ever be any reason to use her. She called me yesterday to apologize, she had a bad night. I understood him well and forgave him! I love Tiffany, it’s going very well!

Westerhout became a key guardian of the president after his election. In fact, she became the face of the president-elect’s team while he remained in New York, often being photographed moving guests from the lobby to the president’s office.

He was careful not to repeat anything that had been published in previous reports and instead insisted that his daughter was fine and that he loved her. The president reportedly planned to contact her over the weekend, but the younger Trump seemed a bit tied down if Instagram is to be believed.

Does Tiffany Trump have a strained relationship with her father?

Regardless of the drama currently swirling around her, Tiffany Trump seems to be doing just fine. Recently, she took to Instagram to wish her boyfriend, Michael Boulos, a happy birthday. One of the snapshots included young Trump’s mother, Marla Maples, as well as Boulos’ mother. There was one person decidedly absent from the photo; President Donald Trump.

The latest snafu isn’t the first time President Trump’s relationship with his youngest daughter has come into question. In April 2018, an insider spoke to People and alleged that young Trump often went months without speaking to her father and that they saw each other even more rarely.

Those politically inclined have noticed that Tiffany Trump was far less visible during the presidential campaign than her older half-siblings. She hasn’t followed the trail as often, and it seems her bond with the president has never been stronger. The young Trump even admitted that she spent the majority of her time growing up around her mother in California. She noted that she only flew to hang out with the rest of the Trump family during spring break and a few vacations during the year.

Despite being much closer geographically these days, the closeness apparently did little to strengthen the father-daughter bond between the couple. Young Trump is currently enrolled at Georgetown Law School. Georgetown University Law Center is in Washington, D.C.


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