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Pavel Florin Biography

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Pavel Florin He is a Romanian amateur cricketer, president of Cluj Cricket Club and professional bodyguard. It became an internet sensation after its strange bowling alley was uploaded to the internet. Several legendary cricketers stood up to support Florin.

Why is Pavel Florin famous?

– It became an Internet meme in July 2019 for its strange bowling alley.

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Where was Pavel Florin born?

Pavel Florin was born in 1979. It is based in Transylvania, Cluj in Romania. Information about their first years of life, parents and education will be updated soon.

Cricket Race

He took cricket around 2011 at the age of 32.

He is the president of the Romanian club Cluj Cricket Club.

His Cluj team participates in the first edition of the European Cricket League. The ECL consists of eight teams, including clubs from Italy, Spain and the Netherlands.

He threw strange bowling during the Cluj Cricket Club (CCC) and Dreux Cricket Club (DCC) in the European Cricket League.

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His strange bowling game went viral on the internet.

Pavel Florin Statistics

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Australian cricket legend Shane Warne joined to support Florin. Warne tweeted,

"I agree 100%! Cricket is a beautiful game. Well done and congratulations to everyone who made this happen. I would love to see this tournament next year and help you if you need a helping hand. Congratulate me again!" .

Former English players Dimi Mascarenhas and Graham Onions also stood up to support Florin.

Mascaren has tweeted: "This is the firstborn and raised Romanian cricket. We should be celebrating this incredible achievement. A lot of hard work by some brilliant people has made this happen. Let's just see and celebrate this really amazing tournament."

Onions tweeted: "Pavel Florin, the Romanian cricketer, should be a trend, an absolute hero. Honestly, nothing to do with him capable of chasing me and killing me in 0.2 seconds, but his passion for cricket is excellent. His ability to realize that it is not a beater-world and it doesn't matter what people think. "

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After the feeling of meme on the Internet, he told the European Cricket League: "Maybe someone says that my bowling is not beautiful or not effective, but I don't care, because I love cricket. It's not beautiful, I know, everyone says it, but I'm a slow bowler. "

His club lost all three games in ECL.

He said in an interview that he once drove 500 km overnight just to play a cricket match the next day.

International career

He made his international debut in July 2016. He made his debut during the Pan-European Tournament in Hungary.

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