Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee’s scandal tape returns as series

Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee’s scandal tape returns as series

Disney + will bring this fiction about the home video that the couple recorded during their honeymoon and led to the nosedive of the famous beach watcher

At the end of the 90s, an event occurred that turned the always turbulent Hollywood scene upside down. Actress Pamela Anderson and her then-husband, Tommy Lee, a drummer for Mötley Crüe, starred in one of the first viral videos in history. The tape recorded an encounter of the couple during their honeymoon and created a torrent of reactions that judged Anderson to the point that the number of offers that reached the Baywatch was considerably reduced. Now, the production company Disney has wanted to recover that chapter of the lives of both with the projection of a series that places the issue of consent at the center of fiction and one of the most important questions in this story, how was that video leaked ? ?

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Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee met on New Year’s Eve 1994 at a Beverly Hills club owned by the actress. The spark quickly arose between them. But Pam didn’t make it easy for him and after that night she didn’t answer Lee’s calls. So he didn’t think twice and planted himself in Cancun, where she was working. Four days later, they said yes I do in the Mexican city.

Those who knew the marriage well, including the staff who took care of their mansion, claimed that during the 3 years that their relationship lasted they brought headaches to all those who work for them. His constant whims and extravagant requests ended with the patience of more than one. Specifically, they pushed one of the workers who was in charge of renovating his house to the limit. His name was Rand Gauthier, one of the undisputed protagonists of this story. Gauthier was working on the renovation of Anderson and Lee’s home in Malibu, California, and was responsible for releasing the erotic recording of the couple, causing one of the most traumatic moments of their marriage.

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Two decades later, Disney recovers that scandal video to convert it into a series. The protagonists are not very happy. According to singer Courtney Love, “It’s fucking outrageous that they’re shooting this show. When the Pam and Tommy tape came out and I was making a record, there were many women in many recording studios in Los Angeles, where all the engineers, producers, owners and staff were watching the tape with laughter. It was disgusting. I forbade anyone to talk to me about that video that destroyed my friend Pamela’s life.” Neither Anderson nor Lee have any relationship with the show’s production company.

The ‘Pam & Tommy’ series will focus on Anderson and Lee’s rocky relationship after getting married in 1995 when they barely knew each other. They were together for three years, until they announced their divorce moments before he went to prison for physically assaulting Pamela Anderson.

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