“Oops”! Jessica Alba makes a right b***b in the rain

“Whoops”! Jessica Alba doing a good b***b in the rain

Shopping, being a mom and showing off a sneaky bit of b***b – all in a day’s work for

It’s happened to the best of us, so Jessica Alba should try not to feel too embarrassed. Well, maybe she should, just a little bit…

While leaning over to protect Baby Haven from the elements – yes! It’s also raining in New York! – Jessica had a little incident. Unfortunately for her, the paps were there to capture it all.

It all started so well, with the 31-year-old heading to the Whole Foods Market in Manhattan (popular spot, we also hear Katie Holmes shopping there) to pick up some essentials. Jess had actually wrapped up nicely, wearing bright blue pants, a white shirt, and a black jacket. Unfortunately, she didn’t keep it. And then it happened…

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